Taenggu Mum Birthday 2017: All Hail The Mouse Queen 엄마

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
Walt E. Disney


Whenever anyone in my family is celebrating his/her birthday, I would tell Taenggu about it in advance through twitter online, just so that she would be aware of their upcoming birthdays. But conversely, it is difficult for me to know when her family members’ birthdays are. She being a private and protective person when it comes to family, it is not easy to find detailed information about her family on the internet too. Especially before this year, I never knew when her family birthdays were. However, since the start of this year, she started sharing more openly about it for the first time on her social media when it was her brother’s birthday. The fact was I happened to know about his birthday by chance (by acts of the universe) even before she shared about it (will share about this story in a separate post in the future 😊). This time, how I managed to know it was her mum’s birthday was kind of magical too.

On Halloween, 31st October, I had flown to Hohhot, the city of Inner Mongolia in China with my brother early that morning. While walking along the streets near Anda Guesthouse after we checked in, we were getting worried over money issues after spending on an expensive package to the grasslands for the next day. At the same time, a voice said to me, “I’m with 엄마 now.” I thought it wasn’t strange at all. I thought Taenggu must have taken a break to go back to her hometown in Jeonju to visit her mum.

Later that night, I posted my last Halloween special instagram post of the day – a drawing of an anonymous No-Face Batman.

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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #2: WHO'S THIS ANONYMOUS NO-FACE BATMAN? After finishing the halloween ghostie string art, I still wanted to do something that was entirely out of my own idea this time. Out of so many cartoon characters that Taenggu likes, there was one character that I still hadn't made a drawing out of for her and which would also suit the Halloween theme – it's No-Face from Spirited Away! Fans would know Taenggu likes No-Face too. Even Yoona also got her a No-Face doll doing kneading too (2nd pic, swipe left). . Interestingly, I noticed that although it wasn't done on purpose, later that same month after Taenggu posted the pics of her with the doll on instagram, I actually sewn for her a "Do You Love Me?" bunny doll for our 8th monthsary (3rd pic). I actually transformed into her No-Face who was kneading the doll for her without being aware of it back then. ㅋㅋ I believe all these had been carefully staged by Heaven. ☁️☁️☁️ . Due to Taenggu's influence, I began to grow a liking towards No-Face too. When I went overseas and passed by places selling No-Face products, I would buy them for myself instead of giving them to her lol. 4th pic are some No-Face stuff I got from Seoul, I think. Haha. Why associate No-Face with Batman? The idea came from a recent unpleasant but mystical experience I encountered on Carousell. A buyer asked me to customise a Batman card for her boss but didn't purchase it in the end. (Will talk about what happened in another future post on my blog too!) That's when I rather give this card to Taenggu coz she's the superhero in my eyes (5th pic). 7th pic features Taenggu as batwoman in 2016 😍 So who's the mysterious person behind this No-Face Batman?? I wanna know too! The answer awaits. ㅋㅋ Ryan, Apeach, Spongebob, Iron Man, Jack Skellington and now, No-Face ✔ This is the end of my Halloween special series posts. Hope you had a creepy day today! 🎃👻👿 . #part3 #of #halloweenspecial #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #할로윈 #halloween #noface #batman #art #drawing #illustration #👿

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After it was posted, I could feel Taenggu inside of me whispering a string of words under my breath. It sounded something like “omo omo omum oma omma omo”. It wasn’t very clear what it was. I thought she was simply saying “omo omo omo” to express her astonishment at the sight of No-Face revealing his underwear in my drawing.

That night, I went to sleep early without thinking much.

The next morning when I woke up, I saw a new instagram post from her brother Jiwoong wishing their mum happy birthday. It was posted the night before after I had gone to sleep.


Taenggu also left a comment on his post.

A screenshot of Taenggu’s comment

Her comment was a string of words in Korean that sounded similar to the ones she whispered inside of me the night before. I finally knew what her exact words were. She was trying to say “Omma omma (mother mother)” cutely in different kinds of tone. She was trying to tell me that it was her mum’s birthday!

Previously, it often puzzled me why Taenggu seems to like Halloween so much to the point that she thinks we should even have a long holiday because of that (I think she talked about that during her InstaLive on 29th October). Now I understand why. Because her mum’s birthday falls on Halloween! This is why Halloween seems to be an ultra special day to her. Such a sweet and filial daughter she is! 😇

So in order to do something special for her mum, after I came back from my vacation in China, I did this drawing of 탱구엄마 as a mouse/rat queen 👑 as a present for her. It was inspired by the cute mouse filter Jiwoong had added on her mum’s face in the photo. Last time during Father’s Day, I made Taenggu’s dad as the king of the king (related post: FOR TAENGGU DAD: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2017), so this time, it was logical to make her mum the queen too! Even cats respect this mouse queen 엄마! Keke.

Once again, happy belated birthday to you, 탱구엄마! 생일 축하해요!! Hope you like this drawing! 💜

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