Wine Day 2017 #2: I’m WINE-ing For You

“I’m whining wine-ing for you, baby!”
Celeste Koh


It was a last-minute idea I had on 13th October to make this editing of the Peanuts comic version for Wine Day in addition to my drawing that I had already done in WINE DAY 2017: WINE POOL PARTY.

My self-interpretation of this comic edit is this: If I were Charlie Brown and I had a pet dog called Snoopy, I naturally would see Snoopy as my physical companion and a substitute for Taenggu’s physical body when she is not around by my side. But on this special couple day, Wine Day, even with Snoopy’s company, it was not enough; I was still not satisfied. I still yearn and whine for my real physical girlfriend, Taenggu. I wished she could come over and join me for a glass of wine over dinner that night.

It puzzled even myself at first why I suddenly had the idea to do this edit. Why did I use Charlie Brown and Snoopy from Peanuts? Where exactly did this idea come from?

At first, I thought I developed this idea because of the strange visions of various comic characters I had been seeing in my mind lately. However, as I thought harder about it, I realised where my exact source of inspiration to use the Peanuts comic characters actually was – an instagram account called @lightsupmind which I have started following recently. This user is also a fan of Girls’ Generation, especially Taeyeon, who seems to be a psychic to me too. I found many of the posts he/she shared make a lot of sense to me, as if they applied and were directed to me too. In other words, I felt connected to the things he/she said on this account.

I first started noticing this account when I was undergoing a period of depression late last month. My heart was heavy. There were a lot of things that I felt I urgently needed to write on this blog to tell Taenggu about but it felt so difficult; I felt stuck, as if I couldn’t express my truest feelings through words any further. I was on the verge of giving up to even write anymore. I was looking through Taenggu’s tagged photos on her account as usual when this particular one caught my eye.

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It made such a strong impact in me because I was in the same situation as Snoopy in this comic. If this fan was actually trying to say that he/she was having the same problem of trying to express his/her feelings to Taenggu through words, then I felt more motivated to continue writing on behalf of this fan – to write about how much we, as fans, loved her because I did already own a blog and have my own platform to do just that. And so, I did. I pushed myself on and kept on writing and publishing posts almost every day as long as time permitted.

This fan seemed to be a great fan of the Peanuts comic too. Just last week, he/she shared a couple more posts about Charlie Brown and Snoopy again and also tagged Taenggu in them.

I knew immediately he/she was using these characters to refer to the relationship between Taenggu and her dog, Ginger because over the past 2-3 weeks, she had been sharing several photos and videos of herself and Ginger together. Just look at her account @taeyeon_ss and you would see her recent photos were all about Ginger.

I think it is rather interesting and funny to use these comics to infer what was actually going on between Taenggu and Ginger (especially if you have seen her videos of Ginger on her instastory). Who was the real master, Taenggu or Ginger? 😂 On a sidenote, just like how I would see Snoopy as a part of Taenggu if I were Charlie Brown, I hope Taenggu could see Ginger as a part of me all these while when I am not physically by her side too. (related post: FOR GINGER: BE MY NAMJA FOR TAENGGU)

So I have to say, I have to give some credits to this fan @lightsupmind for inspiring me to do this comic edit of Charlie Brown and Snoopy from Peanuts and giving me muses with his/her insights of Taenggu! Hope Taenggu likes it too! 🙂

P.S. My intuition seems to tell me that this fan is a girl!

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