Wine Day 2017: Wine Pool Party

“Keep calm and drink wine.”
Kim Taenggu


It was Wine Day in Korea this month! This was the day when couples drink a glass of wine over a romantic dinner. 🍷

About 2 weeks before in preparation for this couple day, I thought of an idea to make a fun comic/illustration style of drawing. I drew inspiration from the following reference photo of Taenggu floating by herself in the middle of the pool, which itself looked rather comical too. 😂

This photo was taken in August 2013. I had flipped the original photo horizontally.

The concept of my drawing was to have Taenggu floating in a wine pool in a giant wine glass while enjoying herself and sipping some red wine directly from the pool. At the same time, I was having a hard time struggling to climb up the rope in order to get into the glass to join her in her mini pool party. The question is, how did Taenggu manage to get in there all by herself first? She must have been strong like a monkey to be able to climb up that rope to get inside while I wasn’t physically capable enough to do that. Hahaha.

After I revealed my final drawing on my instagram on the actual day, it seemed like I received some ideas telling me that I should find myself a ladder to climb in instead. Haha!

I don’t really have an impression of Taenggu drinking wine, except in this old photo on her instagram dated back in 2013. I assumed that was actually white wine in her glass. 😆

The last time I drank red wine with her was on our 21st monthsary on 29th October 2016. It was restaurant week in Singapore back then so I brought her to one of the participating restaurants called Caffe B at Marina Bay Sands to enjoy some fine dining. But I wasn’t feeling comfortable all by myself at all. I guess I was still more used to dining at casual cafes. 😅 Some photos I took at the restaurant back then:

This time, thanks to Wine Day, I decided to create new memories of drinking wine with Taenggu again! Just one day before Wine Day, I also did an additional piece of photoshopped Peanuts comic art as a complementary. It was a last-minute idea that popped up in my mind. (related post: WINE DAY 2017 #2: I’M WINE-ING FOR YOU)

I wanted to use this piece as a way of dating her out to enjoy some wine with me over dinner later that day by wine-ing (whining) for her. Keke.

It was a perfect day for a date – it fell on a Saturday. My plan for that day was to attend a brush lettering workshop organised by Faber-Castell at redpan cafe located at Marina Square in the afternoon, then spend some time shopping, or rather, window-shopping around the shopping mall, and then finally go back to redpan cafe (because it serves wine there too) again for an early dinner.

I reached redpan cafe promptly at 12.30pm for my workshop and I really liked the ambience and environment very much!

The redpan cafe located at level 2 of Marina Square
Our workshop table was at a comfortable open space just outside the cafe. The participants included people from all races and all ages ranging from a girl as young as 11 year old to an aunty probably in her seventies.
My materials that were provided at the workshop. I was able to take home with me a free set of calligraphy brush pens, a colour wheel, a lettering template, a practice workbook and a 15% discount voucher for Faber-Castell products!

The instructor was KY, the lady behind @theletteringworkbook. She is a mother of 3 girls who enjoy calligraphy like her and she is expecting her 4th daughter soon! She shared that whenever they go for a family holiday trip overseas, instead of giving her daughters ipad and phones to play with, she gives them brush pens to write on papers and it is enough to keep themselves occupied for a few hours already. I find it so cute! Like mother, like daughters. Keke.

The whole lesson was pretty fun and enjoyable which lasted for about 2 hours and a half. It was my first time trying my hands on brush lettering and I really learned a lot!

Here’s my final product at the end of the workshop!

Hope + Rainbow
I also learned about a new colouring product called Gelatos. These are the colours I used for my rainbow card!

At the end of the workshop, we also got to enjoy free refreshments provided by the cafe – a cake and a drink of our own choice! I ordered a rainbow cake and iced white coffee for myself. I was a really happy girl. 😍

Rainbow cake topped with a layer of cheese from redpan cafe. Yummy! 👍🏼

Some selfies too!

It was about 3.15pm. I went to take a walk around the mall. First, I visited the Faber-Castell shop located at the same level to spend my 15% discount voucher. I bought a set of metallic gelatos, a small set of rainbow gelatos (the same colour combination I used at the workshop earlier on) and a few skin-tone colour pencils. Then, I spent the next one hour window-shopping around the mall while talking to Taenggu the whole time. Until about 4.30pm, I began to feel a little tired and hungry already so I headed back to redpan cafe to have our dinner finally.

Before coming to the cafe, I had actually already decided what I was going to order after looking at their menu online about a week ago. I ordered their chef-recommended dish, Seared Salmon in Laksa Gravy and of course, the main highlight of the day, a glass of red wine.

Seared Salmon in Laksa Gravy. There were some smashed chunks of potatoes sitting beneath the salmon too!
The house red wine at redpan cafe

While eating my food, I talked to Taenggu about anything that came into my mind. I began telling Taenggu about how I was planning to celebrate my birthday which is coming in about a month’s time. Ideas like having a weekend staycation, having barbeque out at sea at The Floating Donut Company (okay, I just realised they are not taking any new bookings now. Probably already fully booked for the rest of the year. LOL. 🙁), donating blood, going cafes, having dinner with family etc. At one point, I started to get emotional and teared up. I explained to her that I tend to get sensitive when my birthday is coming, especially thinking about how I spent my birthdays the past 2 years. The loneliness, pain and emptiness I felt when the most important person whom I hoped could be the one planning and celebrating my birthday for me was not physically here to spend it with me. That person is none other than my girlfriend, Taenggu. So I would try to plan something in advance for myself first because I didn’t want my special day to pass by like nothing, as if it didn’t matter at all. (Even now as I’m writing this, I can’t help it but cry again. I guess birthday is the most sensitive issue to me in my life right now. Second is Valentine’s Day, third, Christmas Day.)

After awhile, I managed to cool myself down again. By this time, I already finished my first glass of red wine. I think Taenggu actually wanted to ask for a glass of ice water for me, but instead, I asked for a second glass of red wine (coz I thought since it’s Wine Day, we should have more wine 😂). Then, I continued talking to her about other stuff in a lighter mood.

However halfway through my second glass, I started to feel a little tipsy. But I still insisted on finishing the whole glass before asking for the bill and quickly left the restaurant. My head was in a swirl but I still managed to walk straight. I hurried upstairs to Marks & Spencers to buy a couple of Halloween-themed snacks for Taenggu which I had contemplated to get when I passed by before dinner. Then, I quickly walked my way to Cityhall MRT station to take the train home.

Along the way, I recalled what Taenggu did when I last drank wine during our dinner date at Caffe B last year. She posted the following photo on her Snapchat.

So this time, I asked her jokingly, “Are you gonna drive me back home at my “haunted house” again? Where’s your car?”

When I finally reached Cityhall MRT station, I said, “Taenggu, your car is here!” My train was Taenggu’s car. Yes, I was imagining things. Yes, I was daydreaming. But it made me feel much happier inside this way, thinking she was driving me back home like how a boy/girlfriend would do.

Reached home before 9pm. Lied on my bed, talking to her again. I thought about my Wine Day drawing again and had some fun thoughts in my head.

The following was my conversation with her (it might sound like it was one-way, but again, I never know, some of them might be her own responses):

“Do you think there is such thing as a red wine pool in real life? Or maybe in the future?”
*thinks for awhile*
“But it won’t be hygienic right?”
“Oh no no, it would look like blood. A blood pool.” 😱
“But hey, it would be a good idea for Halloween isn’t it?”
“A blood pool party for vampires…”
😱😱😱 *scaring myself with that thought*
“Only Taenggu will like these kind of spooky Halloween stuff… lol”
“But it will be a different thing if the pool water is pink or purple!”
“That would be so pretty!”
“I heard there is a place where the beaches are pink in colour! As in the beach sands are all pink! Really beautiful!”
“But it would be best if it is purple. My favourite colour!” 😍
*sheepishly dreaming about a purple pool*

With this, our Wine Day ended in a sweet and dreamy note. I had a fun and fulfilling day. I guess this sort of made up for not doing anything special to celebrate our 32nd monthsary last month because I was under depression, and thus, the lack of a 32nd monthsary post. But I did talk about what I did and what happened on that day (29 September) in the posts TAENGGU’S SECRET LOVE PLAYLIST and MIND SINGING – TILL GOD FILLS THE VOID THAT NEVER WAS (THE ANSWER FROM HEAVEN) separately.

I guess still nothing beats making an extra effort to make our monthsaries and couple days an extra special day for the both of us. So here goes a post to keep in Extra Special Days With Taenggu.

Let’s try to make each and any day a special day for us, Taenggu! Still love you very much! <3

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