#24 Monthsary: Let Me Be Your Otaku (Comic Series Part 1)

“Loving you like an Otaku means there is a higher chance that I’m the reason behind every smile on your face.”
Celeste Koh


It started when I began hearing the word “otaku” often in my head during the beginning of the year.

Definition of Otaku from Wikipedia:
Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom.

I wondered why. Sometimes, I would ask Taenggu, “Is it because you are an otaku of smell? Otaku of perfume? Otaku of fragrance?” Sometimes, I wondered if it was referring to me, or rather the voices in my head, who had been following her around like an Otaku?

I remembered many years ago, Taeyeon commented on a show saying that otaku was actually a bad expression to describe her fans. At that time, I was quite amazed and touched at how she defended her fans. (see article: https://www.soompi.com/2011/11/10/snsd-taeyeon-corrects-radio-star-mcs-thats-not-a-nice-word-to-call-our-fans/)

Although the word “otaku” might have a negative connotation, I wished to think of it in a good way. That was when I had an idea of drawing a comic strip to show her how I thought an Otaku of Taenggu should behave like. It was also my first time attempting to draw a comic out of my usual Bobo and Shadow Man couple. Of course, in this comic, Bobo was Taenggu while Shadow Man was me being the Otaku. This comic was all about how I tried to follow behind her back all the time or chase after her. At other times, I would show her my concerns, asking how she was feeling and what she was doing. And when she was tired, I would comfort her and give her a pat on her head.

Since then, on and off, I would hear her voice saying “좋아 Otaku, 좋아 Otaku”. 좋아 Otaku literally means Good Otaku. Even recently, I still hear the same thing too. But to me as a person in real life, given my character, I didn’t think I would actually suit the category of Otakus. But at that time, after I was done with this comic drawing, I told her, “I don’t mind being your Otaku, just hope you won’t find me annoying though!”

Nowadays, I have a different concept of Otaku. To me, an Otaku could be a full-time fan or a personal assistant of Taenggu – someone who is of value to her. Suddenly, the whole idea about being an Otaku becomes a whole lot more positive now.

Always wanna be your full-time fan, your personal assistant, your 좋아 Otaku, Taenggu! <3

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