Flower Lips

Is your mouth so pretty that even flowers grow at the edges of your lips?
You who only speak kind words
And when you open it to sing
Only a melodious voice so beautiful that comes out
That not only captures all the hearts on earth
Even the angels in heaven can hear you too
Is your mouth pretty?
Yes, indeed
Celeste Koh

Just an impromptu poem I made on the night of 1st October 2017 after seeing a photo she posted on instagram.

I thought it was quite funny to see the 2 yellow flowers positioned just nicely at both ends of her lips so I wrote the following comment to tease her, “Do flowers grow at the edges of your lips?”

Somehow, later on, I had an idea to make a poem out of this picture and my comment. Just for Taenggu who always speaks kind words and sings in a good voice. Besides having a pretty heart, having a pretty mouth is important too. I guess what’s most important is having sincerity. As long as you have sincerity, whatever that comes out of your mouth naturally sounds good too. In other words, pretty heart = pretty mouth = pretty voice.

On a sidenote, the idea of the line “And when you open it to sing” in my poem came from her “My Funny Valentine” concert VCR where there was a line in the lyrics that says “When you open it to speak”. She recently posted the full video on her instagram too!

Broken into 3 parts. Click right to view the other 2 parts.

You can also read my post VDAY 2017: I LOVE YOU BEARY MUCH where I used to talk about this video before and how I felt like it was a vday present to me too. 🙂 <3

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