Hyoyeon Birthday 2017: Hyoyeon The Mystic Queen

“Gonna chill with the moon for awhile with Vivian.”
Celeste Koh


About a month ago, after I was done with Tiffany’s birthday drawing (FOR TIFFANY: TIFFANY THE BALLERINA), I began to think about what to draw for Hyoyeon, whose birthday was coming in the following month, next. Eventually, I visualised her as a witch sitting on a broom because of her solo debut song “Mystery” last year. Then, I thought a witch might sound like a wicked person, so I decided to call her a mystic queen instead. Sounds nicer, isn’t it? Haha.

Later on, there was a period of time when I heard a voice calling “비비안, 비비안 (Vivian, Vivian)” many times. The first thing that came into my mind was Hyoyeon’s dog named Vivian who passed away in June last year. I guessed she was missing her beloved dog very much and was trying to find “her” in Heaven. In my heart, I tried to get that “I” up there to help find her dog in Heaven too.

About 4 or 5 days before her birthday, I started drawing my idea out for her.

My reference photo for Hyoyeon’s face

I was quite happy with how it turned out after I finished my pencil sketch at first. It was actually pretty fun to do these kinds of caricature drawings too!

Actually, I somehow knew that Hyoyeon might already know what I was going to draw for her too. I might have shared that vision I had in my mind with her before. I think after that, I did hear her explaining that she actually wanted to call out for Vivian so that her dog could help to take care of “me” in Heaven too so that “I” wouldn’t be lonely. I was touched so I decided to include a drawing of her dog as well sitting on her broom.

Hyoyeon’s dog, Vivian who unfortunately passed away in June last year

1 day later, I spent another 2 days colouring with watercolours and colour markers. I guess it was me who was not confident enough in colouring her face with markers. I was sensitive and doubtful when colouring her face, and was a little disappointed that the original sketch of her face looked a lot more like Hyoyeon than after it was coloured. I regretted colouring her face because for my previous works for the other SNSD members, I actually left all their faces uncoloured; hers was the only exception – something seemed to tell me to colour her face too this time. (see my other drawings here) But I guess it still looked fine – just a cartoonised version of her face.

I then proceeded with watercolours for the background and writing the quote on the paper. I wasn’t sure if it was my own mind or whose mind it was, but while I was working on this drawing, I heard voices doubting me, worried I would make mistakes here and there. But honestly, I was pretty confident with my skills so I was slightly offended why the voices had to doubt me so much. Probably the only obvious mistake was the letterings of my quote. I originally wanted the quote to look thin and neat with my liquid correction pen, but I accidentally messed up the letter ‘A’ on the word ‘GONNA’. Luckily, I managed to cover that up by changing the style of letterings to make it look more natural now.

Later on, I also heard voices suspecting that I would sell this artwork away (probably on Carousell or something), but I was clear that I won’t – my intention was to give it to her along with the parcel I am going to send Taenggu soon.

At around 12am, 22 September, I posted my drawing on instagram to wish her happy birthday.

At first, I wasn’t sure if she really liked it or not, but later on, I seemed to see a vision of her crying, probably after seeing my drawing. But I was doubtful if she really did cry.

The next morning, she posted the following photo on her Instastory, which seemed to suggest to me or confirm with me that she was touched to tears last night.

Anyway, while I was writing this post just now, a cute little boy’s voice came to me and said, “Are you sure we said 비비안? Maybe it was BBQ.” LOL. Then I realised in my caption on instagram, I wrote it like it was multiple different voices who said 비비안. But now, as I recall about it carefully, I realised actually it was just a single girl voice. Although the voice might sound similar but not exactly sound like her, it came from only Hyoyeon after all. <3

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