The Cool, Quiet “Rapper” Girl Sitting At A Corner


As I said, I was a SuperJunior fan back in 2010. I think I liked Kyuhyun first, then eventually I began to like Heechul too because I thought he was rather funny. I especially enjoyed watching his Young Street radio shows. I think every day I would sit in front of my laptop and catch his latest episodes on YouTube, with english subs of course. Or sometimes even without subs, I would also feel satisfied by just watching his reactions.

Then, there was one time I happened to watch an episode when Girls’ Generation / SNSD was the guest to his show in November. There were all 9 of them present, but they were all strangers to me; I didn’t know any one of their names back then. But ended up I found them to be a rather funny and playful bunch of people too.

Below is the first of the six parts of the radio show I’m talking about. The funnier parts are in the later parts, I think.

So, I actually had a generally good impression of all 9 of them as a group. But there was one particular girl who caught my attention. It was that short-haired girl wearing entirely black, sitting at the right corner right at the end. I thought she gave off a rather cool aura and seemed rather quiet throughout the show. Because she looked so cool, at that time, I really, sincerely, thought she was the rapper of the group. Because I didn’t know their names and couldn’t recognise their faces yet, I didn’t know she was actually that same 金太妍 I read about on the newspapers a few months ago.

After that radio show, I got curious and wanted to get to know them further. So I began watching their other variety shows and then, gradually began watching their performances too. I think that time was their Hoot era. And aigoo, it turned out that the cool, quiet “rapper” girl in black was actually the leader and not the rapper, but the LEAD VOCAL, whose name was KIM TAEYEON.

I slowly became a fan of SNSD too. Truthfully, my first bias was actually Jessica. (My sister used to tell me she liked Tiffany.) But as time went by, I began to fall in love with Taeyeon more and more. Mainly because I was attracted to her heavenly voice and her ability to sing. My affection for her was really just purely between a fan and an idol back then. I didn’t think of anything else more than that.

Things probably only escalated when I began wanting to know how they were feeling inside when they were performing on stage…

To be continued in a future post…

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