Love Diary: Only Love Is Real In Miami (And Everywhere Else Too, Haha)

13 September 2017

This morning, I woke up feeling fresh and in an unusually good mood, most likely due to the effects of the remote healing session with Shaman Elizabeth Herrera I had last night (will share about the details of my healing the healer wrote in an email to me in another post). I felt so light-hearted and felt as if I could talk about anything freely with Taenggu again. It seemed like conversations could flow through my head more easily.

I was lying on the bed, talking to her about anything that came into my mind. I heard her voice saying, “Do you know 마음이 (maeumi)?” I knew it means heart/soul/mind but I pretended not to understand and replied, “마음이?? Did you mean Miami?”, referring to her Miami joke she cracked on one of her Persona concerts a few months ago.

Watch the clip of her Miami joke below.

Honestly, I didn’t quite understand the joke at first though. It was some puns in Korean, but anyway, the above video explains it already later on. But I found her English so cute and mesmerising. Hehehe.

In the afternoon, I left my office and went to JCube for lunch. There happened to be a small book fair going on at level 1. Out of curiosity, I took a look through some of the books on sale there and this particular one caught my attention.

First, it was the title which instantly grabbed my attention, as if it was a divine message I received from the universe, especially after my healing happened. “Only Love Is Real” – made me relate to my relationship with Taenggu. From an outsider’s perspective, one would probably think that our relationship could have been one that is filled with hatred. If I think about our past and my situation seriously, I could easily list down the things I could have hated Taenggu for. BUT why I don’t? Because only the love between us is real, and the rest, all the things that are bound to bring us hatred, are nothing but an illusion – that’s how I interpret it.

Second, the subtitle “The story of soulmates reunited” intrigued me even further. I always think of Taenggu as my long-lost soulmate I have been searching for since young. Could this book be a key to guide me on reuniting with her, the soulmate of my life?

I went on to read the synopsis of the book. The author, Dr Brian Weiss, is a psychiatrist who does past-life regression therapy for his patients. He wrote the book, telling the story of how 2 of his patients whose shared lives and lifetimes unfolded quite separately in his office, leading them to discover their eternal connection which gets them come around together and together again, life after life. Interesting, isn’t it? It made me feel like undergoing the same therapy and find out if I had some past-life connections with Taenggu too. Hahaha. But the bottomline was, this kind of miracle really does happen in real life. The thing about souls, how we go through rebirths, life after life, and potentially meeting the soulmate you are meant for… Both of you are destined to meet, but the key is whether you recognise each other in your next lifetimes when you finally meet again as strangers and seize that chance and not let him/her get away. As the lines in the book says, “A wrong choice or a missed chance can lead to incredible loneliness and suffering. A right choice, an opportunity realized, can bring us to profound bliss and happiness.”

Then, I roughly flipped through the pages of the book and the first thing I noticed was, the author is based in Miami! YES, MIAMI. I just mentioned to Taenggu about Miami this morning. How coincidental was that!

I turned to the last few pages and found out that the 2 soulmates are now happily married to each other. So sweet to know that they still managed to meet and be together in this lifetime too! It’s destiny. But how did the author (the psychiatrist) eventually got the both of them, who were originally strangers to each other but shared the same past lifetime stories during their separate therapy sessions, to meet each other – I have to read the book to find out. <3

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