Love Sign From Taenggu: The Persona Shorts (From SONE NOTE Live Vol.11 – Part 3)

Another special thing I noticed from SONE NOTE is the above photo of the pair of shorts Taenggu wore during her Persona concert tours in May-June this year (see also Part 1 and Part 2).

She was seen wearing the same shorts on her Persona concerts a few months ago this year

Back then, I used to tell her how much I liked her shorts because I found the words written on it rather cute and funny.

Later on, it was published in this latest edition of SONE NOTE that this picture of the shorts she personally took was one of the 3 photos she felt proud of or was satisfied with taking by herself recently.

3 best photos taken by Taenggu recently

Now that I saw a closeup shot of the same shorts personally taken by her, other than the words, I began to notice those extra pieces of mini cartoon stuff toys that were added on it too (the original shorts from Faith Connexion don’t have them). I find a strong, meaningful personal connection in the way these toys were positioned, as if it was done deliberately to deliver a message to me. I believe she had actually pinned them on the shorts herself.

From what I understand, all these stuff toys are Taenggu’s favourite cartoon characters. And out of all these 8 characters, 3 of them that are placed on the right side of the shorts (the red circled part) are coincidentally the only ones which I had done some form of art out of in the past as a way to express my love for her over the last few years and also to make her happy. These 3 characters that are related to me are placed on the right side of the shorts because I used to say that Taenggu is my left while I’m her right. You can also think of these 3 characters as the common cartoon characters which we both like while the ones on the left side, I haven’t made an art out of them or expressed any liking towards yet. However, it’s worth mentioning that I used to hear voices saying “Cookie Monster” very often (the blue one at the top left of the shorts). Now I realise it’s true after all. Taenggu actually really likes Cookie Monster too! Haha.

Below is the timeline of how we have expressed ourselves through these 3 cartoon characters in photos and drawings over the past 4 years. Featuring Spongebob, Apeach and Ryan respectively. <3


It began in 2013 when I just started following Taenggu on instagram. She just opened an official instagram account not long ago in March that year.
Back then, she would post some of her drawings she did during her free time. Spongebob was one of the things she drew. Spongebob is actually my favourite cartoon character too! At that time, I just got discharged from an one week stay in a mental health institute and was on medication on the road to recovery from schizophrenia. After seeing Taenggu’s art pieces on her instagram, I got inspired too. I began to draw things that I liked too, or actually more of what she liked, as a form of art therapy for myself to express my love for her too. Because she drew Spongebob, I drew Spongebob too. Especially for the dotted one, I was actually suffering from some side effects of my medicine while working on it. I was hearing strange non-stop chattering voices in the background and had blurred vision and some muscle spasms. So if you look at my drawing below carefully, you would notice a couple of blank spots that was not done because I couldn’t see clearly. I only noticed it a year later when I looked at my drawing again carefully. Heh.

<3 APEACH <3

I first saw Taenggu associating herself with Apeach on instagram in 2015. At that time, she was having the “Party” comeback with Girls’ Generation.
That was when I first came to know about this Kakao character called Apeach too. And it had left an impression in me ever since. 2 years later, some time earlier this year, during the period when I was making a series of strange but fun fan art drawings of Taenggu, I decided to make one out of Apeach too (see drawing: FAN ART: PEACHY BUTT TAENG. you can see a collection of other drawings here too.). And I posted that drawing on April Fool’s Day just to make fun of her. Haha.

<3 RYAN <3

I guess Ryan is a popular one between us. Haha. It started sometime early in 2016 when I began to think that, if Taenggu is a bunny to me,
then I would be a bear to her. Naturally, I’ve come to associate myself to Kakao’s Ryan because it looks like a quiet and reserved bear which suits me a lot. Just like how my rainbow bunny Bobo is a mascot of Taenggu to me, Ryan also became a mascot of me to Taenggu. So we began to express our love towards each other using Ryan through photos and picture edits many times too. Hehe aren’t they cute?

P.S. It’s only till very recently that I found out that Ryan isn’t actually a bear but a lion born without a mane lol. Oh well but it doesn’t really matter anyway. Haha.

P.P.S. The photos where Taenggu imitates Ryan’s poses were actually released one day before my birthday last year and I didn’t notice this until recently when I was compiling all these images in my phone. It could have been an early birthday present for me back then! 😀

Most of my own photos/drawings above can be found on my personal instagram account @invariantceleste (only one of them was posted on Twitter only). This has been one of our early ways of communicating and expressing love with each other all these while – through photos and pictures of objects/cartoons we both like and post them on social media. I guess one of the things that Taenggu and I share in common is that both of us love cute stuff. If she likes a cartoon character, I would somehow get influenced by her and like it too. If she likes anything, I guess I would somehow fall in love with the same thing too. I guess that’s how things are like between us. Creating little parcels of joy and fun for each other through the things we like. <3

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