Love Sign From Taenggu: The Interview (From SONE NOTE Live Vol.11 – Part 2)

Continuing from my previous post LOVE SIGN FROM TAENGGU: LEARNING JEWELLERY MAKING (FROM SONE NOTE LIVE VOL.11 – PART 1), besides the word “earrings”, voices also said the word “interview”. So it seemed like there might be something special about Taenggu’s interview in SONE JAPAN SONE NOTE Live Vol.11 too for the voices to mention about it to me. So I took a look through each of her Q&A carefully and found this particular one especially related to me.

Staff: If there’s something that you’re into now or something that you recently collect, please share.

Taeyeon: I’ve been doing various self care such as self-massages. I use props/devices that you can use by yourself to relax while stretching and doing muscle massage. I do them every day on a yoga mat while watching TV and listening to music. After all, it’s stress relief and I don’t have time to go to a massage parlour to get a massage, so recently I’ve come to do them at home. I know which part of my body hurts the most. I could say, this is an extreme/ultimate practice to do while staying at home as a homebody (laughs). Stretching by myself at home (laughs).

I have always been curious about how Taenggu has been taking care of herself physically so that I can learn from her too. I somehow knew she has been trying to teach me things inside too, though in very silent and subtle ways that I might not even be consciously aware of it. I knew she would very much wish she could help me solve my problems too. I always complain to her about having body and muscle aches especially when working in the office, so I often visit massage parlours to relieve the tension in my muscles. Sometimes, while I enjoy my massages, I would think of Taenggu and hope she can feel and enjoy it with me at the same time to release her stress too. Some nights, I would use the massage chair at home too and several times, I would think to myself and wonder, “Does Taenggu have a massage chair like this at her dorm too?” And then, I would feel quite sad that she can’t enjoy the massage for real like I do if she doesn’t have one, which makes me feel like getting one for her too, if possible. Haha. Furthermore, last month she revealed on SNSD’s fanmeeting that her hip joints have been hurting a lot so it made me worry if she has been taking care of herself well.

So it makes me happy to know from this interview that she actually has been doing self-massages by herself at home using tools/devices recently. Very coincidentally, just a few days before this interview was published, my mum actually bought me a self-massage tool out of the blue too!

The self-massage tool which my mum bought for me just a few days before the interview was published

I believe Taenggu had a part to play in “influencing” my mum to get it for me too. It was her thoughts about helping me that had made the universe arrange for her wish to come true through my mum. Of course, my mum wasn’t consciously told to buy it for me and I didn’t ask for it either. But if you are aware of the energy that is constantly going on in the background, you will know that we are all actually interconnected by thoughts and actions, silently influencing each other in subtle ways. That’s the law of attraction. In my case, I believe the energy had come from Taenggu, especially after reading this interview. At first, when my mother gave me this tool, I didn’t really take it too seriously, but after seeing this interview, I became more motivated to try it on myself too like how she did because now I know it was her intention for me. This is an example of how she has silently guided me all these while.

But honestly, I tried using this tool on myself and thought that it actually isn’t easy to massage by yourself too, especially if you want to massage certain parts of your body that are hard for you to reach. I think it is still best to have a person or machine to do it for you. Sometimes, I feel kind of sad for Taenggu that she’s doing it all by herself. How I wished I could be physically there with her to help her with the massage. She just needs to tell me which part of her body is hurting and then I would massage that part for her. **daydreaming**

She also talked about doing stretching on a yoga mat at home in the interview. It reminded me of how I recently started to take stretching exercises more seriously even before I saw this interview. Nowadays, I’ve been going to the gym often during lunch time at my office. At the start, my muscles would feel quite sore at the end of each workout. Gradually, something within me seemed to signal me to do more stretching before and after each exercise. It told me not to neglect the importance of stretching so I did what my inner voice told me to do. And indeed, my body felt lighter and less tense after my workouts now. There was once while I was running on the treadmill, I saw an image of Taenggu in a white shirt sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat doing some sort of stretching or simple yoga pose. After reading this interview, I believe she has been the one who has been silently teaching me to do stretching after all because she mentioned how she does stretching on a yoga mat at home while watching TV and listening to music, which matched the vision I had of her in the gym too.

In another question of the interview, she mentioned that a hand sanitizer is a must-have item that she would put in her handbag. I think that’s another important thing I can learn from her too. So nowadays, I started having a bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag too, and I would use it often to clean my hands and maintain my personal hygiene.

I guess interviews like this are really helpful in making me understand Taenggu a lot better, especially those that give me an insight of what she usually does in her private personal daily life. Apart from giving me affirmations to some of the visions and voices I have about her, I feel I can learn a lot of things from her this way too. Since young, I always wanted to have a partner who have talents and abilities I admire and whom I could learn many things from. I know Taenggu is that person who fits my ideal type and someone whom I would want to spend my life with. <3

(P.S. Because she is smart, is a great singer, draws very well and there are so many other things she is good at. kekeke)

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