Love Sign From Taenggu: Learning Jewellery Making (From SONE NOTE Live Vol.11 – Part 1)


That morning after I woke up, I heard voices saying 2 separate words to me. One was “earrings”, the other was “interview”. But I didn’t exactly understand what they were referring to. When they said “earrings”, the first thing that came into my mind was the pair of key and lock earrings Taenggu was wearing at a fansign not long ago (see related post: LOVE SIGN FROM TAENGGU: THE “KEY AND LOCK” EARRINGS). As for the word “interview”, I thought it could mean Taenggu was going to have an interview that day.

A few hours later, I finally understood what the voices actually meant. Several new photos of Taenggu were released from the latest edition of SONE JAPAN SONE NOTE Live (Vol.11) later that day. To my delight, they were featuring her at a jewellery making workshop, learning to make earrings!

All these photos were really pretty. It made my heart melt to see how incredibly happy she looked in the photos while she was making those earrings. So I saved several screenshots of them. 😀

And I was really overjoyed not just because the voices were foretelling me something real and true which I was about to see from Taenggu, but the fact that she was making jewellery made me feel so connected to her too. Because just a couple of weeks ago, I shared a photo on my personal instagram account of a bird nest necklace which I had learnt to make for myself at a jewellery making lesson I attended recently.

During my lesson, I actually had to choose between making a pendant necklace and a pair of earrings. I chose the former. So I was pleasantly surprised to see Taenggu also learning to make jewellery and she was making earrings which I didn’t get to make during my lesson last time. And my guess was that this had taken place only very recently, most likely after I had my lesson, judging from her short hair look. So, I guess Taenggu was probably inspired by me to try her hands on jewellery making too?? Keke. And she clearly was enjoying it as much as I did! Looking at her finished pieces of earrings she made, she was really good at it too!

Taeyeon’s handmade earrings from SONE NOTE

I actually bought my own set of tools and jewellery materials after my lesson as I was motivated to practise and make more necklaces during my free time. Seeing Taenggu and I have common interest in jewellery making, let’s make more DIY jewellery in the future together okay, Taenggu?! <3

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