Taenggu In My Mind: Betty Boop Taeng


It started when Taenggu posted one of her teaser images from SNSD’s new album “Holiday Night” on instagram on 2nd August.

I liked it a lot. I thought her hair looked really cute. She exuded a feeling of Tinker Bell kind of aura to me. I thought the hairstyle really suited her well.

A couple of days before 13th August, an image of a female cartoon character randomly flashed across my mind. It reminded me of the above Taenggu’s album teaser image again. I thought how the two appearances matched so well together.

The female cartoon character whom I remember seeing before when I was a child

But the problem was, even though I remember seeing this female cartoon character before when I was a child, I couldn’t remember her name now. I wasn’t sure if I even knew what her name was in the first place. The image seemed so random and foreign to me that it felt as if it didn’t actually come from my own mind. It was as if I was actually seeing this image from someone else’s mind.

On 13th August, I knew Taenggu was going to have a performance at Inkigayo and then a fansign right after that with the other Girls’ Generation members. That morning, while I was on the way to my jewellery making class, an image of the same female cartoon character popped up in my mind again. After the class, I saw the latest released photos of Taenggu’s appearance for that day and realised why. Taenggu was sporting the exact same hairstyle as her album teaser photo at Inkigayo and fansign on that same day!

I was so happy that the vision I had earlier on was reflecting Taenggu’s physical appearance in reality. In order to tell her about my vision of her, I had to google for this female cartoon character and managed to find out her name. She is none other than Betty Boop!

I wonder whom did I actually receive this image/idea from?? Could it possibly be an image projected from Taenggu’s or someone else’s mind? Whoever it was, this was yet another mysterious visual message from the universe!

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