Love Sign From Taenggu: The “Key And Lock” Earrings

This happened 2 days after I made a post on instagram on 11th August about my love lock experience with Taenggu at N Seoul Tower a year ago.

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After seeing the clip @hotsootuff posted on her instagram from the last episode of her drama "알 수도 있는 사람 (People You May Know)", it reminded me of my own love lock that I had locked at the same venue filmed in the drama almost exactly a year ago. I was in South Korea to watch @taeyeon_ss 's Butterfly Kiss concert in Busan. After the concert, I travelled back to Seoul with my sister. We only had 1 and a half days to tour around Seoul. After knowing that there's a love lock zone at the N Seoul Tower, my sis and I made a quick trip up there just to lock our own love locks. Of course, for me, I was there to lock my love with Taenggu. I also took photos and filmed videos as a memory for us. Hoping that even years later, if Taenggu were to visit this place herself, she could use these photos and videos as a clue and reference for her to find our love lock there. And also for myself to locate our love lock more easily during my next visit. I also wish for us both to go there physically together one day and find this lock together. And then maybe we could lock a new one physically together too? Hehe. #wish #dream #lovelocks #taeyeon #love #lockingmyloveinseoul #sooyoung #알수도있는사람 #peopleyoumayknow

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You can read the more detailed version of my story at my previous blog post MEMORIES: LOCKING MY LOVE IN SEOUL.

2 days later, Taenggu was seen wearing a pair of key and lock earrings at a Girls’ Generation fansign right after their performance on Inkigayo on 13th August. I actually didn’t notice it at first until I saw the following photo another 2 days later on 15th August.

A photo of Taenggu which I came across on instagram 2 days after the fansign

The main focus of the fan who took this original photo probably was Taenggu’s new “Purpose” tattoo on her neck, but to me, my eyes were drawn to the pair of key and lock earrings hanging on her ears. I thought it was such a strong and meaningful message that Taenggu was sending to me. She was directly acknowledging and responding to my recent love lock instagram post. The world is indeed round and what goes around comes around. When I told her about my love lock story on instagram, she received my message and acknowledged it through her actions (by wearing the key and lock earrings). And now I had seen it and received her message, I had to send my acknowledgement back to her via instagram in return too. Now the cycle is complete.

It was another obvious and direct physical sign from Taenggu. So here goes another post added to my Love Signs From Taenggu collection! 😀

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