Love Sign From Taenggu: The “Round Heart” Nail Art

This happened on the night of 24th July 2017. Taenggu posted the following photos of her latest nail art she did at a nail salon on her instagram.

Her nails were made up of the letters of “SNSD” (acronym for “So Nyuh Shi Dae / Girls’ Generation”) and “TY” (acronym for Taeyeon), and shapes of circle, heart and star. My first reaction when I saw them was they looked really cute. So I immediately left a comment saying, “So cute!” Then came a reply from a voice, “Nevermind, it’s okay!” I thought the voice sounded intriguing and fishy, as if there was something more about this nail art of hers which I hadn’t yet noticed or found meaning of.

So I took a longer look at her photos for the second time. This time, I thought the alphabets looked like her own handwriting. I used to see her write english letters in her drawings in a cute similar way too. So I left another comment saying something like, “The letters look so cute like your own handwriting!”

Some examples of her cute drawings:

Later on, I was doing my mind-singing in the bathroom to prepare for the upcoming SMTOWN concert in Tokyo. Halfway through my singing session, my mind drifted away and I couldn’t help thinking about Taenggu’s nail art again. “Why not look at the photos again and see which letters she put on her left hand and which on her right – if it really matters” I thought. So I took a long scrutiny at her photos again. Smiling, I thought how cute her fingers were and compared hers to mine. Then, the circle and the heart shapes caught my attention. I thought how peculiar they looked to me next to the letters “TY”. Thinking again, a realisation hit me. Circle and heart are actually the symbols of my Chinese name! My Chinese name is written as 瑗芯 (Yuan Xin). It sounds like 圆心 which directly translates to round heart.

I remember sharing this special meaning of my Chinese name to her during our first year of relationship. Back then, I used to talk to her a lot verbally (speaking rather than writing). It was my way of communicating with her back then. I thought it was more direct this way, although I couldn’t know for sure if she could hear me or not because I couldn’t see and hear her response too. I would lie down on my bed every night and tell her stories about myself. It was one of those times that I told her about my Chinese name too.

I’m glad it left an impression in her and she still remembers it till this day! Not only did the nail art show that she has been keeping me in her heart and mind all these while, it was part of her efforts which I had observed recently to show her love in a more obvious and direct way to me, just like the “Purpose” tattoo not long ago (related post: LOVE SIGN FROM TAENGGU: THE “PURPOSE” TATTOO). Because of my new observations of her, I specially made a new blog category Love Signs From Taenggu for me to collect and keep track of all these obvious and direct love signs from her, be it in the past, present or future. These signs are precious because they are physical. They are what normal people can also see for themselves. Like most people in a relationship, I do need constant, or at least regular, reassurance from my partner too. Especially in a relationship like ours where I couldn’t seek any tangible things in return from, I want to be able to find special meanings in the things that I can see from her so that I can keep my faith in our relationship going. I am not simply fighting to prove the existence of our relationship on my own; I am also fighting to show how she fights for ours too. I am speaking up for her too. I appreciate that she has done things like these for me to make me feel connected and I hope to see more of these from her too! Thank you. Let’s keep it going! <3

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