Lyrics: Sailing (그 여름) (0805)

Sailing (그 여름) (0805) by Girls’ Generation (Lyrics written by Sooyoung)

Whoo yeah
Between the passing seasons
Among the etched memories
I remember the first day that I saw you
A sunny summer day
Your innocent laughter
Did you know that dazzling moment
Will become an eternity

There were moments filled with tears
But this will be a long journey
That will outshine the past

Sailing into the night
Even though we may be left in the darkness
Let’s be together until the end
We are again and again and again
Even though it may
Become faint over the years
I will keep it like the promise
On that summer day


Under the soft moonlight
To the sound of the broken waves
I’m anxious that you may
Be alone right now
How are you feeling today?
Did something happen, are you alright?
All your expressions make my day

You may get too familiar with all this love
And your pace may slow down
But I will wait for you

Sailing into the night
Under the night sky filled with darkness
Even though we cannot see the end
We are again and again and again
Even though it may
Become faint over the years
I won’t stop like the promise
On that summer day

I won’t wander not knowing where to go
During countless wanderings
In which I found a vividly sparkling star
At the end of a long voyage
You are the world I met
When I detoured, it’s you
You know it’s true

Stay together sailing into the night
For you, who made the deep
Darkness in all the sea turn pink
Again and again and again
Even over the years
I won’t be shaken
I won’t stop like the radiant
Girl that summer


I won’t change like the
Unchanging wish every summer

Whoa huh
Promise me

Since yesterday was SNSD’s 10th anniversary, I decided to write about my reflection of this song called “Sailing (0805)” whose lyrics were written by Sooyoung herself. It was released last year in celebration of their 9th anniversary. Honestly, I had a really negative inner reaction towards the song when I read the english translation of the lyrics back then. It was because the lyrics mentioned about promises. In the post SILENT PINKY PROMISE, I wrote about how I have become really cautious when it comes to promises after getting heartbroken on that fateful Christmas Day in Seoul in 2015. Suddenly, all the “promises” I used to hear seemed like lies. They all became empty promises; I had never really seen them coming true. I always tried my best to remember all the promises that I had consciously made to Taenggu, SNSD or anyone around me, but did you, on the other hand, remember your own promises that were made to me? Why did you have to wait for me to fulfil an unconscious promise that I couldn’t remember when I was actually waiting for you to fulfil yours? If there really was a promise that I had unconsciously made to you, then why didn’t you directly tell me about it so that I could really do something about it straightaway and I wouldn’t have to keep guessing what it was?

Maybe it was a wrong interpretation of the lyrics on my own or I was being too sensitive. But I just couldn’t help feeling annoyed at the word “promise”. There had simply been too much unspoken words that might have caused such misunderstandings between us all these while. For the past one year though, I feel the situation has gradually improved after more communication through this blog, instagram and twitter on my side. I feel that I can understand Taenggu and also other SNSD members better now. I am able to slowly open up my heart and mind towards them. Bad feelings aside, I used to write about the good feelings I had about the lyrics of this song which I could connect with on my Tumblr before. You can read it here.

The past couple of weeks, I had been busy making these little DIY saga seed bottle straps/keychains as a 10th anniversary present for them. In each of the bottle, I put a paper message inside too.

These bottles reminded me of the similar animated message-in-a-bottle which appeared in the above music video of Sailing (0805). So while I was in the process of making these bottles, I couldn’t help but to sing “Sailing into the night~~” over and over again. I guess it was a sign of my change in attitude as I began to set aside my past grudges and open up my heart towards this song. Exactly a year later after its release, I sang this song for the first time with them at their fanmeeting yesterday. I guess doing it marked a new milestone for me as a SONE.

Although I may not have been on this SONE journey with them right from the start, I’m still proud to say that I have been a fan for a good 7 years already at least. It has been a magical alien-like roller coaster ride ever since. I’m always thankful towards them because they were the ones who had led me to discover the mind-singing and spiritual abilities within me which I never knew I had. It’s enchanting how we have somehow become connected with each other in mind and spirit. Let’s not break our precious bond and keep it going strong for a long time! Cheers to many more 10 years to come! 지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대! <3

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