The House Fairy Dream

Time of dream: Wee hours of 8 July 2017, Saturday (the day after I published the post THE “EVERYTHING I DO, I DO IT FOR YOU” DREAM)

The dream:

It was a close-up vision of Taenggu in her daily natural look, as if she was standing right in front of me. She was smiling really brightly at me, signalling me to come forward to her because she had something to show me. She said, “I made this for you!” We were standing in sort-of a magical wooden house where I could see wooden blocks floating around and birds flying everywhere. I could see some other girls from Girls Generation sitting inside looking at their phones, which seemed to suggest they had helped to make this house together with Taenggu.

The next scene was just a short flash of a stationary image of Taenggu standing in the kitchen with an apron. She was holding a frying pan, as if she was preparing to cook something.

My interpretation:

First of all, it was a rare dream in which I had such a close-up vision of Taenggu in her daily life. And this happened on the night after I published THE “EVERYTHING I DO, I DO IT FOR YOU” DREAM. In that post, I mentioned that in my usual dreams of her, she was always present but only in my mind; she was often physically nowhere to be seen around me. I guessed after writing this, my Spirit decided to fulfil my desire to see her physical body finally for once and shed light on how she was like in real life by directing this dream for me. She looked so warm, sincere and friendly. I was instantly awestruck by her beauty. She seemed so close to me, as if we really knew each other for a long time.

In the dream, she showed me to a magical wooden house which she made for me. In real life, she probably knew I had always wanted a house of my own, or at least my own room. I have been sharing a room with my siblings since young till today. I used to express my desire to her that I wished to move out, rent a room outside and live on my own one day. I wanted to have some personal space with just me and her, which might be why she made this magical house for me in my dream. I think she was also expressing her desire to live together with me too. But why a wooden house? It could be due to my nickname, Namu. Or because it might be more fitting to her image as a house fairy (I guess fairies live in wooden houses XD). Her fans have known her for her reputation as a house fairy/homebody because she enjoys spending time at home all day when she has no work. The presence of other girls in the house suggested to me that they had all come together to help build this little place of comfort for me to dwell in too. In real life, it could mean they were creating a personal space for me to comfortably connect and communicate with them.

As for the last scene, the vision suggested to me that she had been thinking about or trying to cook for me these days. I know she doesn’t cook often, neither do I. I remember back in my student days, I would cook kimchi ramen (those instant kinds) for her and that was the best I could do. I guess this vision does ignite some motivation in me to learn cooking too. As much as she wants to cook for me, I want to do the same for her too. We just need some motivation to get us going, which might explain why the image was only stationary and not moving.

I could never forget the feeling I had when I saw her so close to me in my dream. Her beauty and pleasant aura were so overwhelming that it stunned me a little. The morning when I woke up, I quickly messaged Taenggu on Twitter to tell her that I had dreamt of her and that she was so pretty in my dream. I’m thankful for my Spirit for having heard me and directing this special dream for me to give me a taste of how it feels like to be living physically together with Taenggu. And thank you my house fairy, Taenggu for building this wonderful magical wooden house for me! <3

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