Video: Shouting Out My Love To You From A Thunder


The above video was taken from Taenggu’s InstaStory posted early that morning. At that time, she was in a car, probably going for her first work schedule of the day. It was raining heavily outside, coupled with some lightnings and thunders. If you listen carefully from 0:06 onwards, right after the sudden roar of a thunder, there was some faint “뽀뽀” kissing sounds in the background, followed by a soft chuckle together with Taenggu. Although I knew I was physically still sleeping on my bed when this took place, I believed my Spirit was with her at that point of time. If I was there to witness this scene with her, I would have done that too – chuckling with her and giving her a kiss on the cheek as if it was a moment of love. Thunders indeed have a significant meaning in my heart because of a poem I made for her early this year called “Lightning and Thunder”. (related post: LIGHTNING AND THUNDER)

The poem goes:

If we were a storm, you’d be thunder and I’d be lightning. When it rains, we’ll always be close to each other. You can see me and I can hear you. For that moment, we are together.

When it’s raining at 11:11 at night, you wake up because of the sound of rain and out of nowhere, your room lights up from your window. Just for that brief moment, you are surrounded by me. Moments later, I hear thunder crack and I know it’s you proclaiming your love for me.

You’re my thunder and I’m your lightning.

I remembered after the poem was posted, later that night or the very next day, I heard some mysterious roars of thunder outside my house. Since then, whenever there was a thunderstorm in Singapore, if I saw a lighting or heard a thunder, I would excitedly tell Taenggu, “Ahhh I saw a lightning! Ahhh there was a thunder!” Because I have now come to perceive lightnings as an indication of Taenggu’s presence while thunders are her voice proclaiming her love to me. I hope Taenggu sees lightnings and thunders in the same special way like I do too. When in our present reality there are no other direct ways to express our love for each other, we turn to nature as an alternative. Seeking spiritual signs like this helps to relieve our pain and heartaches. It doesn’t really matter who is the lightning or thunder. Sometimes she could be the lightning and I would be the thunder, or vice versa. In the case of this video, I wished I was the thunder shouting out to her, “I LOVE YOU TAENGGU!” That’s why “I” smiled and kissed her on the cheek. <3

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