Silver Day 2017: Put The Ring On Me (The Paper Ring)

“Love’s pure silver flame gives each innermost spirit invisible warmth.”
A Haiku Verse


I find it interesting that every 14th of the month is widely, though unofficially, celebrated as a couple-based holiday in Korea and it gives me a chance to make a special art for her on these special Korean love days too. Last month, we had just observed Kiss Day (KISS DAY 2017: KISS ME QUICK) and this month, it’s Silver Day! It’s supposedly a day when couples exchange silver rings and discuss future plans of marriage.

Even though I never had any experience in relationships prior to meeting Taenggu, I always think couple rings are important accessories to have among couples. During the first few months of my relationship with Taenggu, I used to pretend to put an invisible ring onto her finger as a love gesture. Later on, I decided to get her a real physical ring, so I got one for her and left her an instagram DM with the following photo and message:

I decided to get you a real ring which we both can see. Nothing fanciful, nothing extravagant. But the little gem in the middle contains all my love for you. All I hope is for this ring to be always by your side, protecting you from all harms and danger. And this shall be our token of love that binds both our souls together, one thing that connects us to each other, regardless of where we are apart. Keep it well~ I love you. 😘

Thereafter, instead of sending this ring directly to her (because I didn’t know how to), I have been wearing it on my left hand (because I see her as my left and me as her right) ever since. It is a symbol and a reminder of our relationship. I always believed that when I wore the ring on my finger (currently I’m wearing on my index finger), she could also feel it on her own finger too. It was probably the only physical object that we had to sustain our relationship back in 2015.

This year, on Valentine’s Day, I got her another similar looking silver ring and this time, I delivered it to her to Korea for real, hoping that she could also own and wear the same physical ring as mine. And that was when we finally had our first pair of couple rings. (related post: VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL: THE THIRD)

I had always wanted a ring for my ring finger too, but my first ring was too big for it. One day in June this year, I randomly passed by a jewellery shop and was attracted to a ring with the words “Our hearts are together forever” engraved on it. I thought it would be something meaningful for the both of us, so I bought a pair and sent one of them to her in Korea as well. And these eventually became our second pair of couple rings.

My second couple ring for Taenggu

From then on, I’ve been faithfully wearing two rings on my left hand, one on my index finger and the other on my ring finger. The only time I take them off is when I go for a shower or to the pool to swim. And every night, before I go to sleep, I would make sure I put them back on for Taenggu again. Sometimes, I would even pop her the question, “나랑 결혼해 줄래? (Will you marry me?)” before putting on the rings.

As my above art piece for Silver Day depicts, my wish is for the day when I could also receive a physical ring from Taenggu and have her personally put it on for me on my right hand too. Right now, my right hand has been empty and void of any rings of my own because it’s always patiently waiting for her to “PUT THE RING ON ME” one day. 😘💍

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