Taenggu In My Mind: A Ribbon, A Wish, A Present


Yesterday, I had the above random image of Taenggu appearing in my head a number of times. I knew the image came from one of her older instagram posts. So I scrolled through her instagram gallery and there I found it, it was posted on 16 November 2015.

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🎁D-5 #5daystillphantasia

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What was the message that the universe was trying to tell me through this photo? What was the key point of this photo? Was it the ribbon on her head or her cupping her hands as if she was making a wish? Or was it her transforming herself into a christmas present?

Last night, I was lying on the bed when a voice said, “You got a call…” I knew it wasn’t real; my phone didn’t ring. But obediently, I still took my phone and placed it on my ear. Even though as usual I couldn’t hear anyone speaking on the other side of the phone, I began to mindlessly whisper whatever I thought I needed to say to Taenggu. I told her about the above image which I saw of her in my mind earlier on and asked if there was any special meaning behind it. After moments of silence, I seemed to get the feeling that I was asked about my own personal thoughts about the photo instead.

Recalling what my first thought was when I first saw this photo 2 years ago, because it was posted 4 days ahead of my birthday, I might have thought that it could be an early birthday present from her to me. Receiving Taeyeon herself for my birthday would definitely be the best present I could ever ask for. On second thought, instead of birthday, it could have been a christmas present too, since christmas was round the corner at that time. Perhaps any other fans would have thought the same when they saw this photo back then.

How about now? When I see this photo again now, I feel more curious about the wish she was making back then or if she really did make any. I always feel that there is more story than what you can see beyond the surface of each of her photos. Did her wish come true by now??

Whenever I get mind images / visions of her and write a post about it, I feel as if I’m trying to dissect the meaning of a tarot card. Or was I thinking too much? Haha. I wonder how Taenggu would think of this image, though? 😆

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