#22 Monthsary: Our 2034 Supermoon Promise

“Cross my heart… We’re gonna watch the supermoon together.”
Celeste Koh


This monthsary art piece was about a promise we made to each other during that month of November in 2016. On 14 November, I was excited to know that there was going to be a supermoon, the largest in the past 70 years, happening that night so I quickly invited Taenggu to watch it with me. I knew she has always been interested in astronomy because she even follows NASA on instagram so I bet she would be excited about watching the supermoon too.

It was a Monday. That whole day, though, the weather hadn’t been good in Singapore. The sky had been pouring rain since morning. By night time, it was rather cloudy and full of haze. But I held on hopes that the sky would eventually clear and make way for the supermoon. I was at home doing some paper pixel art and when the time was about to hit 9.52pm (it was reported that the moon would be the fullest in Singapore at this time), I went downstairs to take a look. To my disappointment, the moon was just a tiny white dot in the hazy night sky.

The supermoon in Singapore…

…versus supermoon in other countries.

I remembered taking photos of the moon and filming a video telling Taenggu about how sad and disappointed I was. But in the end, I told her, nevermind, let’s make a pact with each other to watch the supermoon together in 2034 when the next largest moon would happen again.

The following was the video I filmed on SNOW but the audio somehow wasn’t saved when I downloaded this video after that. So you can’t hear me talking but you can still see the moving images.

In the post, SILENT PINKY PROMISE, I talked about how cautious I’ve become when it comes to making promises with Taenggu. This supermoon promise that I had made to her on my own, the question I have in mind is, did she say yes to it? And 2034, that’s 17 years later, is there a much higher chance that we would have already met each other by then and could watch the supermoon physically together finally?

This bold promise I had made myself that has an uncertain chance of getting fulfilled worries me sometimes. But at least on my side, I try my best to keep to my words. In the following month, I specially bought a rainbow moon clock to hang in my room just to remember and remind myself of our supermoon promise.

The rainbow moon clock that hangs above my bed

While I was writing this post, a voice said to me, “I’ll never forget…” I will pray for our promise to come true and keep my faith in you and our love strong till then. 🤘❤️

Flower for the month:

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