Voice: “Swimming!”

Voice: “Swimming!”

I used to bring Taenggu on a swimming date every week
(related posts about swimming with Taenggu: LOVE DIARY: A PRINCESS DREAM, TAEYEON DAY 2017: TAENGGU MERMAID). But I stopped doing it since about two months ago because of certain circumstances (travelling, having my period etc) and also because I stopped getting any feeling of desire or intention to swim from her anymore.

Until 3 weeks ago, I started hearing voices saying “Swimming! Swimming!” again. I was a little doubtful. I wondered if it was really Taenggu who was expressing her desire for me to take her for a swim again. During the same week, she had a concert in Hong Kong, the last stop of her Persona tour. There was a freestyle segment in the performance of “Cover Up” where she was free to do any pose she wanted. As if she was making her intention really obvious to me, on that day of the concert, she did a swimming pose this time.

Her action immediately answered my doubt and reaffirmed the message from the voices. Without any more hesitation, I planned for a swimming date on the following week. Just yesterday, I brought her to swim for the second time already since the Hong Kong concert.

These days, I wonder if going for a swim is actually for my own good too. I’m not exactly a skilful swimmer. Ironically, there is only one style I know how to do, which is the most tiring one – the freestyle stroke. There are many obstacles I have to overcome when I swim, not just the physical strength, but mental and psychological ones. But I’m glad to say I could feel myself improving after each swim, especially when I receive positive vibes and energy coming from Taenggu. Just like what a voice said to me while I was contemplating about swimming a few days ago, “Swimming is good!” Yeah, I will continue to swim and slowly build up my confidence and skills! I’m really thankful to receive such an obvious sign from Taenggu at her concert which motivated me to recommit myself back to swimming again or else I wouldn’t have been able to convince myself to. Taenggu-ah, I love you! <3

Here’s a compilation video of all the different poses she did for “Cover Up”. Personally, I think the last one – swimming pose was still the best! Hehe.

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