Valentine’s Day 2017: I Love You Beary Much

“I love you so much I can bear-ly stand it.”


I did the above art for Taenggu for Valentine’s Day this year to continue the tradition of making pixelated paper art for past 2 vdays we had spent together (VDAY 2015: LOVE PUZZLE, VDAY 2016: VALENTINE LOVE FROM JACK). This time, I disguised myself as a rainbow bear. If Taenggu is a rainbow bunny to me, then I shall be a rainbow bear to her. I called us the rainbow couple.

This piece of paper art actually comes in a pair with the following drawing. I wanted to feature Taenggu, the rainbow bunny for having received the vday balloon from me, the rainbow bear.

You can read more about how I carefully planned and surprised Taenggu on vday this year through a series of drawings and photos here: VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL: THE THIRD

I guessed Taenggu found my vday surprise sweet, cute and perhaps, funny? Keke. Because recently I found out she had recorded the following VCR specially for her Persona concerts which had officially ended 3 weeks ago. It’s called “My Funny Valentine”.

It made me smile while watching it. The lyrics meant something to me as if she was talking to me. The girl whom she portrayed sitting in the audience seat and watching the performance coolly reminded me of myself when I went to watch her concerts physically before. After the performance, I just left as if I didn’t care at all. But in truth, I was shy, awkward and didn’t know what to do at all. And the other girl whom she portrayed searching around the concert hall was perhaps looking for me. This post, TO BE A BRIGHT STAR LIKE YOU, revealed my true personal feelings during concert situations like this.

Nowadays, I heard voices saying “Happy Valentines’ Day” to me which left me wondering why I finally heard this only 4 months later. Now that I’ve watched the above concert VCR, it suddenly dawned upon me that this could be what the voices were referring to! This VCR is like Taenggu’s vday present to me in response to what I had done for her on valentine’s day. I have to say, I really love this present a lot! I have to keep this precious gift in my treasure box now. Thank you Taenggu! Muacks. 😘

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