Fan Art: Taeyeon’s Persona – Full Of Colours

“I believe the best persona to be onstage is the one that comes naturally.”
Billy Sheehan


Reference photo for Taenggu’s face:

I realised I’ve missed out on a post about this fan art which I did last month. I did this in support of Taenggu’s upcoming Persona Asia tour back then.

I remembered I was at the Popular bookstore getting a new stack of coloured papers which I liked and really felt the urge to make a new piece of art. But I didn’t have any idea of what to do yet. While on the way home, I suddenly remembered about her tour that was going to start in a few days’ time and an idea immediately sparked. I was inspired by the following concept photo for Persona featuring her in the reflection of broken mirrors.

Inspiration photo for my art piece

Making use of the new coloured papers I just bought, I drew a portrait of her and then cut the drawing apart into many pieces like broken mirrors.

The original drawing before it was cut apart

Right now as I am writing this post, the last show of her Persona tour had already ended almost 2 weeks ago. Throughout her tour, I made sure I prepared well with mind-singing before each concert and was spiritually present on each and every show. From Seoul, Taiwan, Bangkok to Hong Kong, each show was a good piece of memories. And I could only know what happened during the concerts when I watched fancams which fans uploaded on youtube later on after the concerts. I could visually see how much she has grown as an artiste; so confident and glowing so brightly onstage. And more importantly, it made me happy to see that she was having fun and enjoying herself very much during her performances. You can read some of my reviews and reflections on her performances on my Tumblr blog.

Hope my art piece had given Taenggu some support and encouragement for her tour back then! And congratulations to the successful end of Persona! <3

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