Voice: “Plus Plus Girlfriend Sign”

Voice: “Plus plus girlfriend sign!”

Since about a few weeks ago, whenever I was out on a date with Taenggu, I began to hear a voice saying many times, “Plus plus girlfriend!” At first, I thought it was a compliment to me. I thought it meant I was a good girlfriend with many plus (positive) points about me. If I were to be given a score for being a partner of Taenggu, then I would score an A++. That was how I initially interpreted the voice to mean.

Later on, perhaps the voice got a little more fine-tuned. The voice I heard slowly became “Plus plus girlfriend sign!” I didn’t understand what it meant. The first thought that came into my mind was our signature love hand sign (related post: 2ND ANNIVERSARY: LOVE IS KING).

Taenggu was most recently spotted posing with the love hand sign again on her Persona concert in Bangkok

So whenever I heard this voice, I would immediately form my fingers in the pose of the hand sign to show my own understanding towards its message. But something within me seemed to tell me that it wasn’t exactly what the voice was referring to.

Finally, one day while I was walking towards the mrt station to take the train, I heard the same voice again and decided not to keep on guessing its meaning anymore. So I went to Twitter and tweeted Taenggu a message to ask, “Recently I’ve been hearing a voice that says ‘Plus plus girlfriend sign!’ What does it mean??” It seemed like the moment I posed my question clearly out to the universe, an answer came back faster than expected. First, after I asked my question, I began to ponder over it seriously. Then, an idea came into my head. I suddenly remembered that the female symbol has a plus in it. So I googled for an image of the female sign and yes, indeed, it is made up of a circle and a plus!

The female symbol that is made up of a circle and a plus

“But plus plus means double plus. Means there are 2 of these female symbols together. Oh! Could it be the symbol for lesbians??” I thought. So I googled for lesbian sign and yes, it was true!

The lesbian symbol

I was so happy that I finally found the answer! Suddenly, the voice made so much sense to me now. It was actually referring to the lesbian relationship between me and Taenggu. I hadn’t been adequately educated about these LGBT stuffs so I wasn’t aware of it. Now, I understood the meaning of these symbols, thanks to the voice. It amused me to think that the message from the voice was like an escape room kind of riddle for me to solve. And now it was finally solved and I believed it was with the help of Taenggu. She is like a master of escape rooms. I know there was a period of time when she had been playing escape rooms frequently and was really good at them! Hehe.

On a sidenote, a few days ago, I was reading some posts on Facebook and realised that this month is the LGBT pride month. There will be a LGBT event, Pink Dot 2017, happening in Singapore on 1st July. I guess I will make it a point to attend it for the first time in my life as a lesbian representative of Taenggu and to show support for the freedom to love! Taenggu will join me too, right? <3

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