Father’s Day 2017 (For Taenggu Dad): King Of The King

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.”


Last month, it was Mother’s Day and I made a card specially for Taenggu’s mum. This month, I thought I should do the same for Taenggu’s father for Father’s Day too.

Like for her mother, I couldn’t help feeling shy and awkward and cringing at the thought of making something so personal for her dad whom I haven’t met and talked to before. But I knew I still had to do these things as an initial effort to reach out to her parents. These cards are a form of my appreciation for them on behalf of Taenggu.

I remembered one night I was sitting on the massage chair at home after a shower and trying to brainstorm for ideas for this card. I somehow had an idea of featuring her dad as a king. Since I used to refer to Taenggu as a king (related post: 2ND ANNIVERSARY: LOVE IS KING), then I shall call her dad the king of the king. I wondered, though, if this idea was kind of too fanciful. So I asked, “What kind of card does Taenggu want for her father?” “Something simple. Don’t have to be fanciful. Maybe you should draw.” a voice replied. But I just couldn’t erase that ‘king of the king’ idea off my head and switch for any simpler idea. Many fancy ideas just kept streaming in and piling up. “How about the words that Taenggu wants to say him?” I asked again. “World’s best dad” was the reply.

So I tried to incorporate what the voice said to me into my card. I tried to draw a portrait of her father and made him look like a king. Then, I found a photo of Taenggu holding a trophy and wrote the words “World’s Best Dad” as if she was presenting the award to him for being the number 1 daddy in the world. And finally, I found some quotes to go along with this card.

I believe Taenggu always has a close relationship with her father because back during the days when I first became a fan of her, I remembered reading a piece of information somewhere on the internet saying she would always give him a call whenever she goes overseas for work. It left such a deep impression in me till today. I also saw photos of his spectacle shop, Eyebis, in Jeonju (Taenggu’s hometown) which fans posted online. His shop is filled with several portraits of her so I know he is very proud of having a daughter like her and is very supportive of her singing career.

In the card, I thanked him for being such a great father to Taenggu and hope he would continue to shower her with love! <3

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