Video: “Oh My Gosh, No Singapore!”

One thing magical about these mystical voices is that they could even camouflage themselves in the voice of another physical person in real life. They are always so smart, always able to do it at the perfect timing so that they can still somehow remain undetected by unsuspecting people who are unaware of such mystical situations. The above video taken from Tiffany’s InstaStory was one such example. When Tiffany’s face happened to be off-camera, a voice that sounded exactly like hers said “Oh my gosh, no Singapore!” (as written in the text in white I’ve added in the video) When I first saw this, I immediately knew it was those mystical forces at work. The voice was definitely suspicious because it was out of context in the video. Why would Tiffany suddenly mention Singapore when she was taking a self-cam with Taenggu?? And you could see the brief awkward look on Taenggu’s face and the silence between them after the voice happened.

The voice was actually trying to tell me a message. That day, Taenggu was having the first stop of her Persona Asia tour in Seoul. About a month ago, when the details of her tour were announced, Singapore wasn’t included in the list of countries she would be visiting. Back then, I used to express my wish for her to come to Singapore for her concert as well on my AMLIFT blog and my own personal Twitter. But when the voice appeared in Tiffany’s video to tell me the hard truth, I was disappointed but didn’t wanna accept it readily. I didn’t react to this video immediately or ask Taenggu for a confirmation because I wasn’t sure if the voice was just mocking at the fact that there was no Singapore or was genuinely pointing out that the list was already confirmed; no other countries would be added. I only kept this silently to my heart. Like a stubborn fan, I still wanted to hold on to any tiniest hope that she would still make it to Singapore.

But right now, after the official end of her Persona tour in Hong Kong last week, I have to accept the fact that yes, there’s indeed no Singapore. It was already confirmed back then. Nonetheless, I still had good memories of the tour too by watching those close-up fancams online. It was already very satisfying for me. Sometimes, thinking on the bright side, it probably was a good thing that she didn’t come to Singapore because I wouldn’t have to go through the same emotional turmoil of not being able to meet her personally even though we would be physically so near yet so far.

With the closure of Persona tour, I just wanna say, GOOD JOB TAENGGU, YOU DID WELL! And now it’s time to move on to other great things to come for her. <3

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