The Double Plaits Dream

For two days, 10-11 June 2017, Taenggu held concerts in Hong Kong – the last stop of her Persona Asia tour. Her family also flew there specially to watch her last shows too.

On the night of 11 June, after the end of her very last show, my logical mind thought that Taenggu would most probably stay on for another day or two in Hong Kong to spend precious private time with her family and have a short holiday there. So without much expectations, I went to bed early that night, without waiting to check for any new updates of her.

That night, I had a dream of myself with my hair tied in double plaits. The story of the dream was probably set in a school or somewhere similar and what happened in the rest of my dream, I couldn’t exactly remember and probably also didn’t really matter. But one important detail that I remembered vividly was my hair because I rarely had my hair tied in such a way except when I was still a little girl. And I recalled myself thinking in the dream, “Now my hair is tied in plaits. How about tomorrow? Who’s gonna tie my plaits for me?”

Next morning, when I woke up and checked my instagram, I was surprised to see photos of Taenggu at the Incheon airport in Seoul. It turned out that instead of staying in Hong Kong for another night, she actually took an overnight flight back to Seoul already. But there was one thing that caught me even more pleasantly by surprise – her hair.

Photos of Taenggu arriving at Incheon airport back from Hong Kong

Her hair was tied in double plaits just like mine in my dream! Even though I was asleep and unaware that she was flying back to Seoul that night, I believed my unconscious self – or my Spirit – was still following her around and projected her image into my own one in my dream. I guess my Spirit was giving me a clue in my dream that hey, I’m still with Taenggu and we are coming back home!

A couple of days later, coincidentally I was reading the chapter about dreams in the book “Silent Voices of the Soul” by Robin Leigh Vella. Here’s an excerpt of what it says in this chapter:

“While we dream, Divine Intelligence is at work, answering our questions, helping us solve our problems, and taking us to school to teach us lessons we must learn. There is always a connection between what is happening while we sleep and what is taking place in our life. Spirit will show it to us as long as we are ready and willing to know the truth.”
“Silent Voices of the Soul” by Robin Leigh Vella

What happened to me in my dream demonstrated how my reality and Taenggu’s intertwined. I would see myself in her like how she would in me. We are deeply connected. <3

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