#21 Monthsary: The Sky Is Our Home

“To most people, the sky is the limit. To us, the sky is home.”


This monthsary drawing was probably a continuation of my drawing for the previous monthsary (related post: #20 MONTHSARY: SILENT FAIRYTALE TREE). It was part of my ongoing efforts to reach out to Taenggu and the people around her and get them more involved in my spiritual life. Every now and then, I would hear words of encouragement from the voices, asking me to “open up my mind”. Initially, my idea for this drawing was to tell Taenggu to do mind-singing with me and spread this love to the rest of the world. I always wanted to share these what I have termed as “mind-singing” skills with her too. But it would be difficult to teach someone how to do it physically unless I get my mind more intimately involved with hers. In that case, then we would be able to share the same mind and she could understand what exactly is going on in my mind even better.

I made a picture of me and Bobo sitting in a helicopter high up in the sky just like how after I did mind-singing, my voice would be projected from the sky above during an artiste’s performance too. And dropping hearts from the sky is like spreading the love to other people/artistes. That is what I believe mind-singing could do for people. You can think of it as a form of spiritual healing through music. No one actually taught me how to do this, but I was somehow guided to embark on this spiritual path through a series of mystical events in my life. (I will share more about how I got started and how mind-singing works on my other Tumblr site MindOfSoul in the future.)

Right now, though, as I look at this drawing again 8 months later, I realise there is an even bigger meaning behind it. I actually wished for Taenggu to learn and understand more about all these spiritual things with me so that we can both improve and spiritually connect to each other even better. And then ultimately, we can spread this spiritual awareness to the people around us.

Just like how recently when I began to read up more about these spiritual stuffs, I realised how sometimes Taenggu seemed to be reading the same thing beside me and getting enlightened with me at the same time too. Even just awhile ago, when I was reading a book called “Silent Voices of the Soul” at a Korean cafe, I was getting a little restless after some time and was about to stop reading. A voice said, “Thank you for your time.”, signalling me that it was about time to go back to my office soon. I felt like the voice wasn’t just thanking me, but it was also thanking Taenggu for spending spiritual time with me. It doesn’t really matter if Taenggu herself is physically aware of what I am reading. I somehow know that whenever I read something, the knowledge that I gain would benefit us both spiritually. This could be proved by the stronger feelings of understanding that we have come to build towards each other over this period of time, even without any physical contact.

I am glad to have a spiritual partner like Taenggu who is a rather open-minded and receptive person, who did not hesitate to take the step towards understanding me and the things I’ve been going through, even though they all might seem rather intimidating and scary to some people. Never give up on a precious girl like Taenggu. <3

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