Head And The Heart

“I’ve realised over time that I can control my head but not my soul. My soul and body must be separate because the head wants something, and the soul wants something else. I understand. I know what’s the right thing to do, but my soul doesn’t understand, nor it cares for the worldly ways. It’s not of the world you see. The head gradually forgets, heals and moves on but how does the soul forget? It’s a losing battle, because it’s a battle between head and heart, between the unreal and real, between the material and eternal. The soul will always have the upper hand. It knows the whole story. It knows where I’m coming from. I can try as hard as I want, the soul will always have its way in the end.”
“Head and the Heart” by Jal

I decided to share this quote taken from a mystic / spiritual coach’s instagram @jal_shapriya_patel because I could relate to it so well. I always wanted to connect my soul and body together. I always wonder, what are the things that my head has forgotten but my soul still remembers? What does my soul want me to do in this lifetime? I’ve done what I think I could or should do, now what should I do next?

Also, what has Taenggu been telling my soul that hasn’t seeped through my head yet? My soul connects me to her soul which in turn connects to her body. That is how we have become connected with each other. How long does it take for my head to gradually hear the things that she said to me?

Listen to your head or listen to your heart? I guess when you become lost in life, it’s best to just let your intuition take the lead and you will eventually be guided to the path you are supposed to take in this life.

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