Trip To Sarawak: Who’s The Heartbreak Girl?

On the first day of our trip in Kuching, Sarawak, my Sixth Aunt drove my mum and I around and we passed by a roadside stall selling fruits. We stopped by and bought a bunch of bananas so that we could eat them in the hotel over the next few days. I probably told Taenggu about the bananas we bought in my head too. Later that night, we had a dinner with my Fifth Aunt and family at a restaurant. We had a table full of local dishes but I didn’t have much appetite to eat a lot of food. After dinner, my back and waist began to ache. My tummy was feeling uncomfortable and became very bloated. I almost always have indigestion problems when I travel overseas.

Back in the hotel, I messaged Taenggu to tell her I was having some indigestion problems. Lying on the bed feeling depressed, I rolled my shirt up to look at my tummy that was bloated like a balloon. Sadly, I kept complaining to Taenggu about how bloated my tummy was and asking her why my tummy was like that. I took some photos of my bloated tummy with my phone but was too embarrassed to post them online to show her.

The next morning, when I woke up and got up from bed, I heard a voice which sounded like myself asking “Let me know who the heartbreak girl is.” Then, an image of Taenggu flashed across my mind. She was wearing the outfit that she wore in her Persona concerts in Seoul a week ago like the one in the picture below. It is worth to note that she was also going to have a Persona concert in Taipei later that day.

The outfit Taenggu wore on her Persona concerts in Seoul which had her flat tummy exposed

Her tummy was flat and toned. She was sitting in a very cool and manly position at the edge of the bed. She was bending forward with her elbows resting on her laps with her legs opened wide apart. In her hand was a banana and she was eating it with a solemn expression on her face.

What did this mind image (which I now have learnt that this is known as a “vision”) mean? Was Taenggu hinting me to eat the bananas which we bought yesterday to help me with my indigestion? Awhile later, I left her a message, simply asking her, “Having banana for breakfast?” to sort of tease her although I had no idea if she was consciously aware of the vision I saw of her.

So was the heartbreak (heartbroken) girl whom my soul woke up asking for, Taenggu? I’m sure it was. The girl who cares so much about my well-being, be it mentally, spiritually or physically, has got to be Taenggu. <3

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