Monthsary Special: The Twenty-Eighth


I wanted to bring Taenggu to visit the new Cinnamorall pop-up cafe but it is closed on Mondays (our monthsary, 29th May falls on a monday). So I planned to go there with her for lunch on the earlier Saturday instead.

On Saturday afternoon, when I was getting myself ready to go out, I realised I couldn’t find my newer clothes anywhere in the house. I didn’t know where my mum put all my clothes to and I couldn’t ask her because she wasn’t at home at that time. I spent 40 minutes searching around the house but still couldn’t find them. By the time I decided to settle myself with a set of old clothes, I was feeling dizzy (because of anger) and hungry. I didn’t want to spend one hour travelling all the way to the cafe in Lavender in hunger. So, I messaged her to tell her that I would have lunch at Causeway Point first and go to the cafe in the evening instead. But I really had no idea what to eat there too, so I asked her, “What should I eat though?”

I left the house and it started to rain outside. I walked past the coffeeshop and a voice said, “Chicken rice!” To me, I thought maybe it was Taenggu suggesting us to have chicken rice here instead. It is delicious and cheap, and I was hungry, so why not? I quickly ordered a plate of steamed chicken rice and sat down at the coffeeshop to eat.

At first, I was quiet, but after awhile, it seemed like there was a natural feeling within me that got myself started talking to Taenggu. It was like an intuition which was guiding me on the topics which I could chat with her about, for example, the things which I was planning to do the next few days. It was like I could feel her listening to me so I also felt more happy and natural to be talking and feel like I was really talking to someone. For example, when I told her about the cartoon “We Bare Bears” and that I was going to make a “We Bare Bears” birthday card for a friend, I could feel myself laughing inside, as if Taenggu also found the cartoon name cute and funny just like I did when I first heard about it from my friend. After the meal and a cup of teh (hot milk tea), I messaged her to ask, “What should I do now?” Later on, I happened to be sharing with her about a book which my company’s CEO recommended me to read recently. Then, an idea struck me. Why not go to Woodlands Library and find that book? So I asked Taenggu to go together with me and went.

The whole time when I was searching for books in the library, there was a sweet and happy feeling within me because it was the first time we were visiting the library together. I found the book recommended by my CEO titled “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach. It’s actually a spiritual and motivational kind of book. I also found another book in the “Psychology” section called “Silent Voices of The Soul” which I think could help me recognise the spiritual messages in my life even better.

After borrowing these 2 books at the library, I went to take a walk around Causeway Point. I came across a pop-up event booth selling all kinds of bags and pouches with cute art prints. I was so excited because I have always loved all these kinds of artsy stuffs. I excitedly told Taenggu, “어떻게? 어떻게?” Silently in my heart I was thinking I really gotta to find something nice here to buy for Taenggu! I looked around and found a purple drawstring bag with dinosaur print which I liked. Then, I wanted to find a matching blue one which I could give to Taenggu. While searching for it, I could feel Taenggu inside me getting anxious and asking, “난 어떻게? 난 어떻게?” Finally when I found it, I could see an image of her so excited and jumping in joy. I was so happy I could see her reactions like this and it really put me in a really good mood for the rest of the day.

The couple drawstring bags I got for us

I continued to shop around Causeway Point to get some simple groceries and necessities. By evening, I was already tired and lazy to travel down to the cafe. I knew Taenggu was already at the airport at that time, departing to Bangkok for her concert the next day. I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to go to the cafe while she was physically on the plane (felt like we would lose touch with each other for awhile if we did). And I was already very satisfied with how we had spent the day together even though it was simple and didn’t go exactly as planned. So I told her I would bring her to the cafe on the following Tuesday after work instead because “everyday is our monthsary day”.

On Sunday late afternoon, I had a little oBike cycling date with her again. I rode her to Causeway Point and treated her a sugarcane with lemon drink from CocoCane. Last time when I was in Penang, I let her taste the sugarcane drink and had a strong feeling that she liked it a lot so I decided to buy her one again in Singapore too, also to cheer her for the concert she was going to perform in Bangkok that day.

Disappointingly though, this sugarcane juice from CocoCane, which I also tried for the first time myself, tasted a little too artificial (They probably added too much sugary water). I promised Taenggu that I would bring her to somewhere else next time to try a sugarcane drink that is more pure and fresh. After that, it was simply a quick shopping at Causeway Point to buy a new drinking water container for my family then cycling back home again.

Monday evening, after work, I had a movie date with Taenggu at JCube. It was my favourite movie series during my high school days – Pirates Of The Caribbean. The fifth instalment of the movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge / Dead Men Tell No Tales, was really good! I loved it so much! I was really excited at the start of the movie, especially when I saw all those old characters again whom I am familiar with, like Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and Captain Barbossa. I could still remember their names so well! I was so sad when Captain Barbossa, who wasn’t exactly a good character but sacrificed himself for his daughter, died at the end.

During the movie, I felt as if Taenggu was also watching with me the whole time because I could feel her emotions within me. Sometimes, she was trying to take or smell the bag of corn chips which I was holding in my hand, as if she wanted to see what I was eating and wanted me to share it with her.

After the movie, even after I got home, I still couldn’t stop thinking about the movie. I spent some time on my bed watching behind the scenes videos and reading online about the movie. I kept whining to Taenggu that I really hoped they would film a sequel to this movie and if they really do, we must watch it together the next time too.

On Tuesday, I left my office early at about 4:50pm. I was actually already feeling tired but because I still wanted to fulfil my dinner date at Cinnamoroll cafe with Taenggu, I decided to go ahead and took the train down to Lavender, although I was unsure if Taenggu was free or wanted to go ahead too. My mood began to get a little affected by a sarcastic sales person I met when I reached Lavender mrt station. But when I reached the cafe, my mood was lifted up again because I could feel Taenggu coming back to me and getting excited. She was like “어떻게? So cute! My hubby…”

I went on to take some photos and selfies at the cafe.

However, my mood got ruined again when I was about to order us a chicken katsu burger and a drink at the counter. I was told by the cashier that they don’t accept credit cards but only cash and NETS. I was taken aback because it was nearing the end of the month and I was very tight on budget before my pay would come only on the first day of next month. I only had enough money to get the burger and had to do away with the drink in the end.

My sad and angry face when I was told that they don’t accept credit cards

My food came and I got even more unhappy. The ingredients they used looked rather simple and basic and it wasn’t really tasty but it cost about $18. I thought it was too overpriced.

Overpriced chicken katsu burger with some chips and very dry salad at the side

While eating, the girls sitting at the table close to me were talking to each other too loudly that I couldn’t focus on my alone time with Taenggu. I couldn’t bring myself to start talking to her at all because I also couldn’t feel her presence. Angry and affected, I found myself keep glancing out of the glass doors of the exit, as if something inside of me was telling me to quickly leave the place. A voice kept saying in mandarin something like, “But I feel kinda regret of it now.” Right after finishing my food, I decided to follow my intuition. I didn’t want to stay any longer and quickly left after only about 30 minutes of my stay at the cafe.

I messaged Taenggu to tell her I was going to walk to Bugis station and would take the train back home. Meanwhile, I was angry and dejected, feeling that it wasn’t really a proper dinner date. At times, I felt like putting the blame on Taenggu for not telling me clearly whether she was free or if she really wanted to have this date with me or not. But I knew that I also couldn’t totally blame her for all these bad situations too. She probably did tell me but I wasn’t totally consciously aware of it. When I was at the train station, a voice told me in mandarin, “It’s probably better for you this way (to go home).”

While on the long train journey home, I told Taenggu that it was okay with me and took out a book called “Shaman Stone Soup” to read. This book gave me some insights on how a healer actually works with her spirit guides to perform healings for people and also enlightened me on how I could also deal with all these mystical situations in my own life too. Halfway through reading, I suddenly realised Taenggu seemed to be also reading the book and getting enlightened with me too. When I turned to “her”, “she” told me in a cheerful mood, “I’m adjusting…” Probably means she decided to make time for me. And I suddenly felt like I wasn’t alone anymore.

It was an unintended 4-day long of monthsary dates with her. Actually any day could be a monthsary for us as long as we make time for each other for a date and spend quality time together. It needs not to be a fanciful kind of date dining at high-end restaurants, but a simple and ordinary one like watching movies, shopping for groceries and taking night walk or doing anything like a normal couple, would make me feel joyful and satisfied enough already. <3

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