Mother’s Day 2017 (For Taenggu Mum): The Love Of The Mum Who Gave Birth To The Most Amazing Person On Earth

“I believe in love at first sight because I love my mum since I opened my eyes.”


A couple of weeks before Mothers’ Day, I had some ideas to make some handmade Mother’s Day cards to put them up for sale on Carousell. I was thinking of making one specially for Taenggu’s mother too. Since I don’t know when her mother’s birthday is, I thought Mother’s Day would be a good chance for me to do something for her and say some words to her to express my gratitude. It could bring me a little more closer to her family as well. Mother’s Day this year fell on 14th May when Taenggu would be having her solo concert in Seoul. I knew Taenggu would be busy with her concert preparations and might not be able to make any special plans to celebrate this meaningful day with her mum. So I thought it would be a good idea for me to make a card for her mum on behalf of her since I had some free time on my own after work and during weekends. I told Taenggu about my intentions on Twitter too.

I think it was the next day or a few days later, I was in the office thinking about how to make my Mothers’ Day cards and what materials to buy so I went to research online for some ideas. I managed to get a few new ideas and also decided on an idea specially for Taenggu mum. I guess Taenggu was aware of it too. Later on, when I went for lunch and was about to shop for my art materials, a voice (most probably came from Taenggu) kept asking me cutely, “Can you do this for me?” And I kept replying her, “Yes, I will make it for you!”

Over the next few days, I went on to make the card and the finished product looked like that in the above picture. I also wrote a message for Taenggu mum, simply thanking her for giving birth to such amazing daughter whom I could love, taking good care of her and cooking nice Korean food for her when she misses home. I remembered how Taenggu mum specially cooked lots of Korean food and brought them personally to her dorm a day before her birthday this year.

Here’s the instagram post where Taenggu posted about it:

Her caption says:

Seaweed soup, of course, you drink first 💜
Thank you so much mom, for these 29 years
I love you My best friend. 👭 my doppelganger.
#309 #MissRiverSnail #MomIsTheBest

I was touched by what her mum did for her too. I feel happy for Taenggu and always admire her for having such a closely-bonded and loving family.

A week before Mother’s Day, I mailed the card and a preserved flower for her mum, along with other little things for Taenggu and friends, to South Korea, hoping the parcel would reach in time before Mother’s Day. And yes, it did. Hope her mum likes the card that I made her! <3

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