Video: I Guessed She Wished Me Happy Birthday

This video was taken from TaeTiSeo’s performance at Global Leaders Forum on 20 November 2014. I added my face reading analysis of Taenggu in those white captions in the video. (P.S. They are all in a matter of quick seconds so you may need to rewatch it over and over again to understand them.)

In the above video, she looked rather careful and secretive. She looked like she was trying to get the voice or that invisible body on her right side to convey a message to me or my spiritual mind which was above them at that time. I put a pair of inverted commas around the word “I” because it wasn’t really referring to my conscious physical self but my unconscious spiritual self. It’s a problem that I often face. When this happened at real time, even if my unconscious self already got her message, consciously I didn’t remember a thing and wasn’t aware of it at all. It was only until I watched this video later on in my consciousness when I could see her face carefully that I realised she seemed to have a message for me. My unconscious mind might be able to read her mind but my conscious self could only read her face and try to guess what she might be thinking inside based on my intuition.

So what was her message to me? Because it was my birthday on that day, could I shamelessly guess that she must have wanted to wish me happy birthday? Keke.

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