Memories: What’s Your Blood Type?

{Throwback to 161223}

On that day, Taenggu was at the SUM Cafe in Seoul baking cookies for a charity event for Christmas Day. There were many fans who gathered around at the cafe to watch her decorate the cookies. She had the following conversation with the fans.

Fans: Did you have health check up?
T: Yes
Fans: (You) Must be healthy
T: I found out that my blood type isn’t O (she thought that her blood type was O for 27 years!! LOL) and was a little bit shocked.

Then, fans started to guess her blood type and told her to tell them but she said she also didn’t know because the result was not out yet. Fans then shouted ‘doll type’ (a play with Korean words), then she covered her face with her apron due to embarrassment.

Below was the video when the above conversation took place.

Or you can also watch it here on youtube.

During that time, I was in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. When I saw new updates of fans talking about this incident on Instagram, I quickly left a Twitter message to Taenggu telling her that my blood type is A+ and went on to ask her what her blood type is. Usually when I asked her questions like this on Twitter, I didn’t really get any definite direct replies from her because even if she did reply me through her mind, it might not get through to me in my consciousness. But out of habit, I just asked her what I wanted to and left the question open without expecting her direct answer.

Awhile later, I got back in the car. I was sitting in the backseat, closing my eyes to take a rest. In my mind, I was still thinking about what Taenggu’s blood type could be. Then, an image of the letter A with some fireworks came seeping into my mind, as if the universe was telling me that Taenggu’s blood type is the same as mine and was congratulating me about it. This time, an answer did come to me in the form of a mind image! It was indeed something to be happy about because not only are we connected in terms of mind and soul, we share the same blood type too! But at that time, I didn’t want to outrightly assume that it was true without Taenggu’s own confirmation. So I decided to wait for the day for her blood type to be revealed by herself.

Recently, I heard some voices mentioning the words “blood type” again. I thought it could be a prompt for me to write about this story here. Out of curiosity, I googled for Taeyeon’s blood type to check if any fans managed to find out what her real blood type is. Many of them also guessed her blood type is A. Some guessed it based on personality traits and the others based on biology. They said Taenggu once mentioned before that her father is O and her mother is A. So if she isn’t O then she must be A. Haha because I didn’t study biology back in school, I didn’t know how to deduce blood types this way. I was so happy to see these comments by other fans. They gave some clues which further confirmed that my mind image was true.

It was really mystical. Although I never did get a direct reply from Taenggu, an answer still somehow came to me from the universe, in this case, in the form of a mind image. Just a fun thought, could it be possible that Taenggu’s blood type used to be O at the start but somehow got changed to A after my influence? Hehehe. 😀

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