Monthsary Special: The Twenty-Seventh


Our monthsary this month fell on 29th April which was also my father’s 60th birthday. On that day, my family had plans to go Johor Bahru to enjoy a feast with him at a Chinese restaurant. To make up for it, I told Taenggu I would celebrate our monthsary with her in advance on the earlier weekend.

On 22nd April, Saturday, I planned to go to the post office to send a parcel to her in South Korea. This was my second parcel that I was sending to her this year. The night before, I had already written a card for her but I still had many things to tell her. So I woke up the next morning to type another letter for her and hurried to the post office before it closed.

Every time I sent a parcel to Taenggu, it felt like an important mission to complete because it always seemed to take me at least one month to prepare each parcel. Whenever I was finally done with the administrative procedures and left the post office, I would feel so relieved as if a huge burden was taken off my shoulders. The feeling was the same this time too. And it made me feel good to start the day right by doing something meaningful for her.

After that, I wanted to go to the clinic at Admiralty for my routine appointment to get my medicine for schizophrenia for the next 4 months. But by the time I reached the clinic, it was already closed for registration. I decided I would come back next week instead. Time was kinda tight for me. I quickly took a quick bite at a food court nearby and rushed off to my next schedule of the day – a pencil microsculpture exhibition by Salavat Fidai at Scotts Square. He’s a Russian artist whom I have been following on Instagram for quite some time and I was excited to know that he was here in Singapore for a demonstration. I had always been curious about how he actually does his pencil microsculptures so I didn’t want to miss the chance to take a look.

I was punctual and had some time to look at some of those pencil microsculptures that he specially made for Game Of Thrones. The demonstration started at 3pm and it was my first time to see how the artist looks like in person! There was a translator beside him to translate whatever he said in Russian. It was really cool to see how he actually carved those tiny but very detailed microsculptures out of very thin pencil leads with the help of a microscope. I was amazed and inspired by his passion for this form of art. He shared that he quitted his high position job in 2014 to pursue his passion in art. I hope I could do something related to art and design in the future like him too!

When I left the exhibition, I received an Instagram update notification from Taenggu.

The translation of her caption says:

She was asking everyone to send some selfies for her upcoming Persona concerts. I finally understood what the voices had been saying to me since last night, even till that day itself just before the exhibition. They had been telling me things like “Taeyeon wants some photos!”, “Take photo”, “Selfie” etc but I still didn’t understand what exactly Taenggu wanted me to do. But actually I already saw the news from @_taeyeonfanpage yesterday morning when I was browsing through my Instagram during breakfast and immediately sent my favourite recent photo straightaway to the organiser’s email. I did not message Taenggu to tell her about it but only told her by word of mouth. Hahaha so the truth was I already sent the photo even before she asked me to do it. But I thought she already knew I did it so I didn’t understand why the voices wanted me to take photos again. So when she posted that instagram post to make herself clear, I also messaged her to make it clear to her that I had already done it. 🙂

Anyway, this was the photo I sent. It was taken during our recent date to Artbox Market. Keke.

After the exhibition, I went to Kotobuki Coffee cafe at Wisma Atria. I told Taenggu that I wanted to bring her there because I heard about their new Sakura Matcha Latte that comes with a musical box so I wanted to check it out with her.

I actually have the same carousel musical box at home but it is blue instead of white. My friend, Elaine bought it for me as a birthday present many years ago. I usually like matcha stuffs and this sakura matcha latte tasted as good as it looked! I also ordered potato salad and some katsu sandwiches. The food was still good although I found the katsu a little too oily. The whole time while I was eating, I also chatted with Taenggu. I was in a really good mood this time and I found the whole process of communicating with her rather smooth and natural as if I was talking to a real person in front of me. It was a truly enjoyable time.

I had always wanted to try out the new bike-sharing scheme called oBike which was just launched in Singapore this year. On Sunday afternoon, I finally found the time to go on a short cycling date with Taenggu. The first bike I found near my house was spoilt so I had to find another bike which was parked a little further away. Then I rode for about 20 minutes to a Malay Muslim coffeeshop near Causeway Point for lunch.

Then, I rode for another 30 minutes taking a longer route back home again. The weather was really hot because of the afternoon sun and I was sweating a lot. Nonetheless, I had fun and really enjoyed our time together because sometimes I could feel as if Taenggu was sitting behind me and hugging my waist. She was smiling and seemed to be in a good mood too!

Because of our pleasant first experience with oBike, I suggested to her that we can go on cycling trips to nearby parks together on every weekend whenever we are free. And it will be really worth it because these oBikes are totally free to ride on weekends. I asked her “Will you ride with me?” which reminded of this drawing I did for her back in 2013.

I’m not sure if she actually knew I did this drawing as a secret message for her. Back during the times of uncertainty, I wanted to transform myself into a prince and asked her if she wanted to be with me. 😛

It was probably the most memorable and meaningful monthsary weekend I had spent with her so far because it felt as if we had done many things together within the 2 days. Really happy and proud that we are already 27 months into our relationship and I’m looking forward to a closer, more open and direct relationship with her too in the future! <3

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