Momo & Mumu With A Bobo In Between

Momo wants to make me happy
Momo wants to get high
Momo wants to buy me something

Bobo wants to wipe my tears
Bobo wants to get rich
Bobo wants a colourful phone

Mumu wants a cup of teh susu
Mumu wants to be happy
Mumu wants Kim Momo

Celeste Koh

This happened after the long, gloomy Easter weekend in Singapore. On Sunday night, I told Taenggu that I had been feeling unusually depressed lately. I had negative thoughts and voices coming to my head and was getting emotional easily. I also asked her if I should seek medical treatment for depression from a doctor.

The next day, I took leave from work and focused on writing some thoughts and stories which I had been holding back previously because I hadn’t found the time to write about them. I felt much better after that when I finally managed to release all these thoughts from my head and share them here on my website. Later that night, I was lying on the bed and started to get gibberish when I felt like communicating with Taenggu so much. I wondered how she had been thinking about my situation all those while. I wanted to know so much. So I just mindlessly said random things that came into my mind, hoping the universe could give me some answers this way. I actually first started off with “Ddae Ddae* wants to date”, then I felt the momentum and began to start off each sentence with Momo wants/Mumu wants/Bobo wants and let the natural, intuitive thoughts complete the rest of each sentence for me and that was how this poem came about. (*Ddae Ddae is Taenggu’s family nickname)

This poem did give myself some interesting clues. From the poem, I was able to know that Taenggu, who is Momo (my nickname for her), must have wanted to cheer me up so much after she knew that I was feeling depressed. She wanted to get high to liven up my mood. And she probably wanted to buy me something. There was actually an idea that she wanted to buy me a good book but because I wasn’t sure, I didn’t mention it explicitly in the poem. And then, there was Bobo, the rainbow bunny. What was its role in helping with my situation? Every time when I had problems, I would talk to it, cry in front of it and pretend to talk to Taenggu over the phone with it by my side too. It had always been there to witness all my emotional moments. If Bobo was a living person, then it would probably wish to wipe my tears, give me some money and have a phone so that it could speak to me directly too. And then, there was myself as Mumu (Taenggu’s nickname for me). What exactly did I want? Sometimes, I just wanted to seek comfort in a nice cup of drink and feel happy. Ultimately, all I wanted was Kim Taenggu. <3

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