Fan Art: Butterfly Angel

She’s a butterfly by day and an angel by night.
Celeste Koh


I did this drawing as a special entry for a Fan Art Event organised by FanBook in support of Taeyeon’s new album “My Voice”. It started on 17th March and the deadline was 16th April.

Taeyeon Fan Art Event organised by FanBook

When I first knew about this event back in March, I kept asking Taenggu if I should join it too. I thought about it for some time and decided that since I have been actively doing fan arts for her too recently, why not? It could make doing fan arts more meaningful for me as well. But I didn’t have any ideas what I wanted to draw yet back then. After that, I was busy doing other drawings and stuffs and I kept delaying my idea and intention to join this event.

It was only until 4 days before the deadline, I began to feel the urgency and I knew I really got to get myself started with something. So during my lunchtime at work, I brought along my drawing book and went to Starbucks to draw.

The half-completed drawing of Taenggu that I did during lunch

I was quite happy with how it turned out. Now I just needed to colour it after I was done with the full drawing. The next day was Good Friday, a public holiday in Singapore. I woke up in the morning and began to colour the drawing with some new markers which I bought recently. But it didn’t turn out smoothly the way I wanted it to be. Because I was having some body discomfort due to cramps and sore throat, I was feeling very impatient that day. Plus I was inexperienced with colouring so I ended up ruining the drawing because of my incorrect usage of the markers. I was so disappointed with myself and felt like giving up. Later that night, when my mood got better, I tried re-drawing the same image of Taenggu again but the feeling that I got from my second drawing wasn’t right anymore. I decided that I shouldn’t draw the same picture of Taenggu more than once so I gave up again and called it a day, thinking positively that I would probably come up with a better idea tomorrow.

Indeed, the next day (1 day before the deadline), I had a new idea. I decided to draw another photo of Taenggu which she posted on Instagram before. In her caption, she said it was her most favourite photo from the album.

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⚡️이번 최애사. #MakeMeLoveYou #최애짤 😂

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While I was drawing, I began to think about how I would colour it this time. Then, a voice said to me, “Use your own style!” which got me thinking again, “What exactly is my style??” Later on, I remembered what my style of art is. I realised I could use paper cutting with coloured papers! That’s what I always like to do and am more confident of doing rather than colouring with pencils and markers. I also thought of a quote/theme for this drawing “A butterfly by day, An angel by night”. All seemed well and I was happy that this third attempt of drawing of mine finally had a definite direction now.

I only managed to complete the whole drawing on the morning of 16th April which was the final day of submission. I uploaded my final piece of fan art on FanBook and there went my entry! I could finally tick this off my to-do list now.

My entry in the red circle along with the other participating works done by other users

Link to my entry:

I don’t really expect myself to win this event competition because I submitted it only on the last day and you have to get likes and comments points in order to win. Plus, my art isn’t those typical digital kind of art. But what’s more important is, this actually represents one of my recent efforts to be more open in expressing my love for Taenggu, to get my works seen by more people in the public and to reach out to her more actively and directly. I guess this is what makes this event more meaningful for me. I hope Taenggu has already seen it online! <3

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