Video: Taenggu, The Master Of Her Mind

After all that we have been through together, I guess we have now become firm believers that we could do anything with our minds. What our physical bodies cannot do, our spiritual minds will do it for us. Be it touching, hearing or sharing senses with each other, against all perceived impossibilities of distance and lack of direct communication, our minds can overcome all odds and achieve wonders for us.

Look at how Taenggu was able to prove this and believed in the power of her mind.

Not only did she use her mind to connect to me, she also used it to win first place at Music Bank. This show was broadcasted on 17 March but was recorded on 10 March. On the day of the recording, it was also the second day of our staycation to celebrate her birthday (see related post BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: THE STAYCATION). Back in the hotel, while waiting for her, I already expected her to win the trophy at the music show on that day. In this video, I could see that she believed in it and already expected her win too. Sometimes, when I am faced with uncertainties and challenges in my daily life, I would find myself subconsciously doing the same thing as her, pointing my index finger at the side of my forehead. It’s a subconscious belief that I can solve any problems using the power of my mind. And indeed, things have been smooth-sailing for me ever since I started believing in myself.

I know Taenggu has also come to learn how to master her own mind too. We have all come this far and we are still learning to be better too, to overcome the barriers between us.

The next morning after I posted this video story on my instagram account @lovestorieswithtaenggu, I woke up to a voice saying “Remember, I can do it too!” Yes, definitely, anyone, including Taenggu, can do this too as long as they start believing and harness the unexplored channels of their minds. Thank you Taenggu for believing in me and in herself! We have come to be mind readers and masters of our minds. And I’m proud of it because we did it for our love. <3

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