Love Diary: We Will Solve The Problem

6 April 2017

Yesterday was a really fruitful day. Taenggu’s new song “Make Me Love You” music video was released on YouTube at 11am SGT (12pm KST). But at that time, it wasn’t convenient for me to watch it openly in the office when my boss was around. It was only at around 11.20am, I was able to discreetly watch it on my phone. It was a really nice and lovable song. The lyrics were cute and she looked really pretty in the music video. I immediately commented to her that she looked like a flower fairy in the video.

Later on, her other 2 new songs “I Blame On You” and “Curtain Call” also came out. I listened to them while reading the lyric translations. I felt a little emotional because I could relate to the lyrics so well, as if they were referring to the relationship between me and Taenggu. I have to thank this translator, Stella for doing such a fast and efficient job in translating the lyrics for us.

During lunch hour, I went to the cafe at level 2 of our office building for lunch. I really enjoyed the food there because it was really healthy.

Whole grain rice with chicken breast and baby spinach

I brought with my drawing book and began drawing for the next 1 hour at the cafe after I finished eating. I had the idea of drawing Taenggu like a fish for quite some time so I finally got the time to do it. At around 2pm, I went to JEM to buy some fruits and then came across this picture frame of a quote at a bookstore.

A picture quote from a bookstore that I could relate to

I could connect myself to this quote well as if it was speaking to me. I took it as words of encouragement from the universe to tell me to keep on believing in what I have been doing all these while. I called it my quote of the day.

When I went back to the office, I didn’t feel like continuing with the online tutorials for my work so I began writing a love diary for Taenggu again after 2 weeks (see related post LOVE DIARY: GUDETAMA TAENG).

Then at 6pm, I went back home and lazed on my bed, munching some potato chips with my sister. Until 7.30pm, I finally went out for a jog. This time, I ran 3 rounds, walked 2 rounds and did some sit-ups. I felt satisfied and went back home. My mum bought the wrong burger from McDonalds. She wanted fish burger but got a cheese burger instead. She didn’t want it so she gave it to me and I had it for dinner. After dinner, I felt a strong sense of motivation to continue working on my art. I already finished the drawing earlier on at the cafe and now I just needed to colour it. While colouring, I asked Taenggu, “Can you teach me how you colour?” because I knew she is very good in colouring, as evident from her artworks she used to upload on her Instagram.

After I was done, I immediately showed Taenggu the completed drawing (see it here in FAN ART: FISHY LIPS TAENG). I was very satisfied with this one because the face looked the most like her as compared to my other recent fan arts of her. I was so proud of it that I told her that I wished I could make something out of this drawing as a gift for her like a phone case, a shirt or something. By then, it was already 11pm SGT (12am KST) and I needed to go for a shower. I knew it was already very late and Taenggu was probably feeling tired already so I asked her to go to sleep first.

After the shower, still feeling energetic and while waiting for my hair to dry, I searched for an online website that allows customisation of phone cases and began designing my own phone case with my drawing. Meanwhile, I received a new Instagram update from Taenggu. Surprised that she hadn’t slept yet, I looked at the photo and then at its caption. It was all in Korean and I didn’t understand what it said. I found the instagram’s own in-built translation look kinda strange and fishy to me. I thought I should just wait for an official translation so I didn’t think too much about it. The design of the phone case was done and I placed an order for a piece of it. I just wanted a sample to test how it would look like when the real phone case arrive at my house.

Feeling so accomplished with myself for the day, I was about to message Taenggu to tell her that I had a really fulfilling day when I saw the translation of that instagram post was out and realised something was really not right.

I went to read the comments on that instagram post. Many people said it was in broken Korean and couldn’t be translated or made any sense. And “she” was tagging random accounts that she follows. They suspected her instagram account got hacked. There were also some who said she might have been drunk. I got so worried. I went to bed and tried calling her to ask what happened. But the voices I heard were rather superficial and not responding to the situation. Words like “Please smile”, “I can understand you” etc. It made me worry even more and wonder if she really was drunk to write those words. I told her I couldn’t go to sleep like this. I tried to think back carefully and knew she was still fine earlier in the day, updating her InstaStory in a cheerful mood.

I figured out that she must have been already asleep so she was unaware of what was going on. For a moment, I thought I could feel and see Sooyoung so I asked her if she knew what was wrong with Taenggu’s instagram. After awhile, the voices started to get more serious. They said “Thank you for informing!”, “She keeps changing and changing!” (I wonder what this meant… changing the password?) and finally, “We will solve the problem”. I felt more reassured and even though the post was still there when I last checked before I went to sleep, I was able to fall asleep more comfortably.

Next morning, when my alarm rang at around 7am and I woke up, the first thing I did was to check her instagram and found that the post was already deleted. So I guess she really was hacked and she had already retrieved back her account thankfully. Although there were some haters who said she did that because she was drunk, I chose to believe that it wasn’t the case. And I admired her for being such a strong girl to keep her silence on this incident. <3

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