Fan Art: Fishy Lips Taeng

“Of all the fish in the sea, I’m so glad you swam to me.”
“I love you like a fish loves water.”


Reference photo for Taenggu’s face:

After making fan arts to make fun of Taenggu’s feet, ears and butt, this time, of course, it’s her lips that I’m making fun of. Haha.

The above reference photo was a recent one from her vlive on 2nd March 2017. I realised in recent videos of her, she liked to do that action of squeezing her lips to look like a fish. I remembered she did that another time during an InstaLive when SNSD was doing a photoshoot for Baby-G. It was so pro of her because I tried it myself but couldn’t do the same thing with my own lips lol.

Recently, it becomes evident that she likes fish very much. Not only did she make a tattoo of a fish on her middle finger,…

Taenggu’s fish tattoo on her middle finger

…she likes to put the fish emoticon in her Instagram posts’ captions these days too.

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゜・🐠゜・ 。 🌸 ゜ ゜・

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I guess besides a butterfly, she sees herself as a fish too. I think the image of a fish really suits her well. I know she loves water so I even made a mermaid drawing for her on her birthday too (see related post TAEYEON DAY 2017: TAENGGU MERMAID). And her horoscope is also Pisces. She’s half butterfly and half fish. So I asked her recently, “Are you a butterfly fish?” Keke.

I showed my drawing to my brother and he told me this kind of art which I’ve been doing these days is called surrealism. It’s like merging living things with non-living things or other unlikely objects together. Some people may find these kind of drawings quite weird, but to me, it is actually very fun to draw my ideas into life and see the result. Hahaha in a sense, it’s very liberating. I personally think that these kind of art has some effects of schizophrenia in it which has changed my thinking in a different way but I’m happy that there is actually a professional term to describe it. Surrealism is such a cool and perfect word for this form of art.

After I was done, I showed my drawing to Taenggu and told her that I wished I could make something out of this as a gift for her, for example, a phone case or a shirt. So I quickly went ahead to design my own phone case and place an order for it just to test how it would look like. Can’t wait for the finished product to arrive and hope it will turn out nice!

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