Two Voices

You’re one of a kind
Kind of

You’re a star
In Starbucks maybe

You’re a queen
Not a mannequin?

You’re like a rainbow
That’s just your Bobo

She said you’re not a toy
She wished you’re a boy

She likes your art
The one where you cut out your heart

That’s not what I expected
Well, life isn’t always what you predicted it to be


Endless questions
Possible answers
Conflicting voices
All thanks to uncertainty

Celeste Koh

This poem came from real voices in my head. There was one morning when I was half-awake on the bed, I heard voices like this in conflict with each other. It wasn’t a fierce fight though, they were actually pretty mild and gentle. They represent 2 types of voices which I usually hear in my head. One is very positive but imaginary, the other is very pessimistic but practical and frank. This kind of conflicting voices happens when I wish to get a definite answer from someone but I can’t hear what the voices are trying to say clearly. So I become doubtful and uncertain. For example, the voice could be saying “toy” but after awhile, I thought it might have been “boy”. Voices like to build links and relationships between words like this. Thinking on the fun side, it’s like a wordplay.

The poem actually reflects some hidden truths between me and Taenggu, especially the parts about “queen” and “mannequin”, “rainbow” and “Bobo”, “toy” and “boy” etc. I wonder how Taenggu would interpret this poem and relate to it from her perspective?

Whenever I’m full of doubts, I always hear a boy’s voice saying “Thank you for uncertainty!” Thinking on the bright side, it is because of uncertainty that makes life full of possibilities. That’s how wonders work, isn’t it?

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