Taenggu In My Mind: I’m Enjoying Dinner With You

#161225 & 161229#

It was the same image of Taenggu which I saw in my mind when I was having dinner on christmas day and monthsary day respectively. Those days were the time of the year when I would feel most lonely because most people around me already had a physical partner to celebrate these special days with. On these 2 days, I knew Taenggu was busy with work so I didn’t expect anything much from her. But one thing that I noticed was when I was having dinner by myself on those days, I seemed to feel her the most from inside. I saw her closing her eyes, deeply appreciating the food that she was eating with me. It was either she was appreciating the food that I was sharing with her or she was trying to pass me the taste of the food which she was eating. Either way, it was from a sincere heart that she was trying to make an extra effort to spend some alone time to eat with me. It was probably the only free time she could spare from her busy schedule and she was willing to spend it with me. This mind image comforted me because I could feel her sincerity and appreciation. This was why she is the best spiritual partner whom I could ever ask for. ❤

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