Fan Art: Peachy Butt Taeng

“You’re my favourite peach in the world.”
Celeste Koh


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In the previous times, I drew some fan arts to make fun of Taenggu’s feet and ears, this time, I’m making fun of her butt! Hahaha. I drew her butt like a peach. And because I posted this on April Fool’s Day, this was also a special april fool’s drawing for her.

The peach butt was inspired by the character, Apeach from Kakao. I remembered in 2015, Taenggu also posted a photo on Instagram about Apeach.

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응? #apeach

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There was actually a little story about the word ‘peach’ between the both of us. Since 2016, I started calling her ‘Momo’ as a nickname. The idea came in end 2015 when I was taking a Japan budget airline called Peach to leave Seoul for Okinawa. Our flight number was “MMxxx”. Elaine, my travel buddy at that time, told me the reason why they used the letters “MM” as a code for the airline. It was because the Japanese word for peach is called Momo. So it became abbreviated to “MM”.

At that time, I was still feeling angry and dejected with Taenggu. I went to Seoul in hopes to meet her but I didn’t understand why she didn’t come to meet me. I was on board the plane, about to leave Seoul, feeling sad and bitter. But I loved her too much to really bring myself to call her a “b*tch”. So I started calling her “peach” or “momo” instead in a more affectionate way.

From then on, I would call her by the nickname of “Momo” sometimes. It also sounds similar to the name of my rainbow bunny, Bobo. But Momo is like the human form of the toy bunny. I wonder if Taenggu actually knew about the story behind the nickname “Momo”? Hehe. <3

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