Monthsary Special: The Twenty-Sixth


At around 11pm (12am KST), I came out of the shower. I heard some voices keep saying that “I just sent you messages!” but I didn’t understand what they meant and asked “What messages?”. It was an exception that I didn’t take my phone with me to the bathroom that night. I left it on my bed in the room. After awhile, I went back to the room and took a look at my phone. I realised Taenggu just posted 3 photos on her Instagram not long ago, revealing news about the upcoming deluxe edition of her album. It was such a pleasant, unexpected monthsary surprise for me!

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In the third photo, she put an emoticon of a envelope. It was like the photo was meant as a message for me. Later on, she added an emoticon of a tick which meant that the message was successfully sent and received by me. Hehehe.

At 12am (1am KST), it was my turn to reveal my presents for her. As usual, as part of the tradition, it was a monthsary drawing and a rose. The main theme of my drawing this time was a hurricane. And the rose this time was a blue one.

My 26th monthsary drawing and a blue rose

The next morning when I woke up, I took a medical leave from work because I was having sensitive runny nose. I brought my laptop and went to Starbucks in Woodlands to do some writing and blogging for Taenggu.

Ordered a cup of green tea latte and some sandwiches at Starbucks

I stayed in the cafe until around 3 plus. A couple of days ago, I told Taenggu that I would be bringing her to a cafe called Revelry to have our monthsary dinner. Because on our monthsary that day was also my brother’s brithday, I had to go home early to celebrate his birthday together with my family. So I told her that we shall have an early dinner together first.

So around 3.30pm, I left Woodlands and travelled by train to the cafe that was located near Beauty World station. It was a 40-min train ride with some internal train transfers (Woodlands – Choa Chu Kang – Bukit Panjang – Beauty World). When I was at Bukit Panjang station making the transfer to another line, I casually commented to Taenggu that this place looked like an overseas place because of the highway and a broad walkway. Awhile later, a voice asked “Do you miss Korea subways?” I replied, “Yeah, I do because in Korea, you can buy food and eat at train stations. Haha. But I find some stations there rather hot and stuffy whereas in Singapore, the air-con is always cold.”

I reached Beauty World and took a 8 minutes walk to the cafe. I found the cafe and started taking photos with my camera. Revelry is a circus-themed cafe which is specialised in belgian waffles. The interior design of the cafe was really vibrant and beautiful.

When I saw their wall murals of elephants, I told Taenggu that they reminded me of the Dumbo fan art which I did for her recently (FAN ART: DUMBO TAENG).

I chose a bar table facing the window and started looking through the menu. They have both savoury and sweet kinds of waffles. I decided to go for a sweet one and ordered a Strawberry & Cheese waffle plus a glass of ice lemon tea.

While waiting for my order to arrive, I took some photos and selfies. Just like for our last monthsary, I brought my small Bobo with me this time too, to represent Taenggu’s physical body.

When my food and drink came, I became busy taking another round of photoshoots.

When I was taking the last few shots of my food, I told Taenggu that I would be done soon and ready to start eating. A voice replied, “I’m getting excited!”

The Strawberry & Cheese Waffle was extremely nice! I loved the cheese and the crispy waffle. The strawberries were a little sour though. And the vanilla ice cream in the middle was so huge that I couldn’t finish it all by myself in the end. While I was eating, an image of Taenggu came into my mind. She looked very fair and was wearing something white probably, and her hair was tied in a ponytail. She was eating the waffle with me. I was like, “I see you now!” I think she said she likes strawberries. I saw her feeling really happy and enjoying the food inside of me. 🙂

Awhile later, a Korean lady with 2 cute kids (a boy and a girl) came and sat at a table behind me. They were talking to each other in Korean. It seemed like a coincidence that I tend to meet Koreans outside when I’m out on a date with Taenggu. I joked to Taenggu, “Am I in Korea now?” Kekeke.

Throughout our time at the cafe, we had a few short conversations.

Voice: “What is the music?” Me: “Oh, you like the music here?” The cafe was playing non-stop English pop songs which I felt were really nice too.

Voice: “Let me feel your belly.” (Lol) Then, immediately came a sudden baby smell that lasted for a few seconds. I wondered why.

A few times in different parts of that day, I heard a voice saying the same thing, “Don’t think bad of me!” Many times on special occasions like this, I would get uneasy and uncertain of what she was doing, whether she was with me the whole time. The voices and mind images might start to get negative at times. But what the voice said actually cheered me up and made me think on the bright side.

I only managed to finish 3/4 of the whole waffle. I told Taenggu how I wished she was physically here with me to help finish the rest of the waffle. Hehe. I stayed on in the cafe for awhile longer just to enjoy their free wifi. I started writing some notes on my laptop to remember the things and moments we had on that day. I was afraid that I would forget all these little moments and I wouldn’t have been able to write this post that I’m writing a few days later. As I was taking down the notes, I could feel Taenggu inside of me, looking at my laptop with me and smiling with satisfaction. She might also be enjoying the music or the Korean family conversations that were going on behind me.

At one point of time, the cafe was playing The Chainsmokers & Coldplay’s new song “Something Just Like This”. I enjoyed the song a lot and I promptly told Taenggu that I would be going for Coldplay’s concert in Singapore that coming Saturday.

I left the cafe at around 6pm and took Uber back home. Later that night, I was lying on the bed and decided to download “Something Just Like This” into my phone. Then, I began playing the song on repeat. I felt so good that I started shaking my butt and body along with the music. I could feel Taenggu inside of me smiling and laughing widely and shaking with me too. From then on, “Something Just Like This” became my latest feel-good song.

I noticed that recently these few days I began to hear a lot of a little boy’s voice. It was the same voice of a boy which I could recognise easily. I knew this voice way back in 2013. Sometimes the things he said could be naughty and playful, but it made me smile sometimes. I feel like this “boy” is someone who binds me and Taenggu even closer together as if he is our child.

So when Taenggu posted these Instagram Carousel photos later that night, her first photo which was a cute drawing of a baby boy reminded me of that same little boy’s voice which I had been hearing a lot these days. I guess Taenggu must have been well aware of his presence too!

And with her Instagram update, our extra special day came to an end on a happy note. I also told Taenggu that I had been on a generally good mood on that day. I hoped she felt the same with me too. <3

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