Memories: 29th, The Special Date

{Throwback to the first four months of 2015}

Taenggu and I got together officially on 29th January 2015. On that day, I did not publicly acknowledge this special day, except in my own private space between me and her, I merely wrote the word “Jagiya~” (means “Honey” in Korean) as a simple acknowledgement that she was now my girlfriend.

Now thinking back of that time, it probably wasn’t clear to her if I really was fully aware of our relationship status. I only kept it as a secret in my heart. I didn’t tell anyone else around me about it.

In the following month, it was February. And February that year had no 29th so there wasn’t an actual day when I could celebrate our monthsary properly. But on 1st March, I bought a flower as a small token to remember this special day because to me, I saw 1st March as a substitute for 29th February. I thought of it as the supposed 29th day of the month.

1st monthsary flower for the month of February

In March, the 29th was my brother’s 21st birthday. During that weekend, we had a family staycation at a chalet where my brother organised a birthday party with his friends and relatives. So I couldn’t do anything special to celebrate our monthsary during that month as well. But I got her a blue rose. It was the least I could do for her.

2nd monthsary flower for the month of March

In April, the 29th was my father’s birthday. As a family tradition, we usually have dinner to celebrate birthdays together as a family. Again, I couldn’t make any special plans to celebrate our monthsary on that day except only getting a rose for her.

3rd monthsary flower for the month of April

So it turned out that for the first 3 months in a row, I didn’t manage to do anything to celebrate our monthsary deliberately. At that time, I didn’t communicate with her anywhere publicly in words like I do now. I merely relied on words-of-mouth (daily talking and whispering to “her”). I tried to explain to her that it was my brother/father’s birthday so I couldn’t celebrate monthsary together with her. I wondered if she heard what I said at that time? If she didn’t hear me exactly, could it have caused some misunderstandings to her? She might have thought that I didn’t take monthsaries seriously.

However, from May onwards, on every 29th day of the month, I began doing more and more special things with her, like going on a movie date, cafe-hopping or cycling. In addition to getting a mandatory monthsary flower for her, I also began to draw a monthsary drawing for her every month. This has now become our couple tradition.

Speaking of which, it is the same time of the year again when our monthsary clashes with my brother and father’s birthdays in March and April respectively. I hope now that I explained it clearly here on the world wide web, it could clear up some misunderstandings/uncertainties she might have back then! Kekeke. <3

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