Fan Art: Dumbo Taeng

“Straight from heaven up above here is a baby for you to love.”


Reference photos:

Last time I did a fan art to make fun of Taenggu’s feet (FAN ART: FROGGY FEET PRINCE CHARMING TAENG), this time I’m making fun of her ears!

Her fans fondly described her ears as unusually big and standing out. I find her ears cute too when I look at these photos. Kekeke.

Why draw her like Dumbo the elephant? It was because she uploaded her baby photo on her Instagram last month and called herself Dumbo in one of the hashtags in her caption, hilariously referring to the cute big ears she had even when she was a baby.

Such a cutie! She was born with huge ears. People with big ears have good luck, don’t they? <3

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