Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

The moment I set my eyes on you
I start to feel curious about you
Every look in your eyes
Every little change in your facial expressions
Every move in your gestures
Behind every smile
They tell me different stories
As if I could read you like a book
It’s fascinating
You got me addicted
Can’t stop turning each and every page of you
Can’t take my eyes off you

– Celeste Koh

This poem is about how I first started getting to know Taenggu deeper inside. It began from a genuine curiosity to find out how the artistes think of the Singapore audience when they perform onstage. I started reading Taenggu’s facial expressions and guessing what she might be thinking inside her head. It seemed like I could read so many stories behind her face. I fell in love with her because I found out how precious and pure her heart was just by reading her face.

Back in 2010/2011, I could spend hours and hours watching several fancams of her and replaying the few seconds of the important parts in the videos over and over again just to read her face more carefully. It became my favourite hobby back then. At that time, I didn’t expect that by doing this almost every single day, I could eventually end up being spiritually connected to her by 2013. It was such a sweet miracle and wonderful mystery.

The title of this poem “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” reminds me of the song with same title which SNSD used to perform in their 3rd world tour.

Here’s a fancam of the performance of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” when they were here in Singapore for the world tour in 2013. This fancam was focused on Taenggu.

I was among the audience at that time too! I will talk about how I read Taenggu’s face in this video in detail in a separate post under the blog category “Visual & Audio Messages” soon. This video might look like a normal concert performance on the surface but it actually has some hidden meanings inside if you know how to read her face. Do keep a lookout for it! 🙂 (Updated on 170329: here’s the link to the post!)

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