#18 Monthsary: Let’s Rock On

“Let’s hop on an unicorn and rock on our magical ride!”
Celeste Koh


My original idea was to have the both of us riding on a rocking horse, going on a fairy-tale like magical journey. Our life together has always been magical and dreamy. And a rocking horse is a good symbol to represent our child-like fantasy.

Sometimes, before I make each monthsary drawing, I would share with Taenggu some ideas I have in mind for the drawing. I would ask her “How about a unicorn?”, “How about paper planes?” etc. But sometimes, I probably ended up drawing something else instead, not what she expected based on what I had told her. I guessed the idea of unicorn had been ringing in her mind for a long time. She had probably been waiting for a few months but the unicorn never came out in my drawings.

During that month, I finally decided to fulfil and honour my words to make the unicorn idea come true. So, after I finished the paper art, I simply added a unicorn horn on top of the rocking horse’s head. And ta-da, instead of a rocking horse, I gave her a rocking unicorn! Hahaha. Is that considered a bit of cheating? I hoped Taenggu was satisfied with it though. Or was she not? Hahaha oops.

But thankfully, 8 months later, for her birthday earlier this month (170309), I bought her a large unicorn helium balloon (see post BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: THE STAYCATION). Hopefully with that, I had successfully made it up to her on the promise of a unicorn ᄏᄏ.

Flower for the month:

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