Twenty-Four Seven

0AM: It’s a new special day

2AM: In our La La Land, it’s time to play

5AM: In our dreams we wake up, but not in reality

7AM: We hear the alarms ring endlessly

8AM: Reluctantly, I open my eyes

9AM: I draw a heart on your forehead and bid goodbye

10AM: I sat down on the office chair and start to work

11AM: I miss my Taenggu who is such a dork

12PM: Hunger kicks in and I begin to rub my tummy

1PM: I share my food with you and wonder why it tastes so yummy

2PM: Back in the office, I fall into food coma

3PM: Taenggu tells me to go home to watch some drama

4PM: I miss home and start to get restless

5PM: Time to take a break and enjoy a latte with all its goodness

6PM: I fly back home like a butterfly

7PM: With Bobo in my arms, on the bed we lie

8PM: Eat, drink and talk and feel you inside

9PM: Is it time to sing, draw or write, let my mood decide

10PM: Time to get wet and hold you tight

11PM: Get ready for sleep and turn off the light

12AM: Hug each other and kiss goodnight

Many weeks ago, on one of the weekday mornings, as usual, I messaged Taenggu telling her that I was going down for breakfast at the coffeeshop. Walking down the road while talking to her, the words “Twenty-four seven” came into my mind. I wondered if the words came from Taenggu. Probably she was trying to say that she has always been around with me 24 hours everyday. It was so sweet. I thought it would be a good idea to make a poem about 24/7.

In the past couple of weeks, I had been developing ideas for this poem. Until about 2 days ago, I decided to try making the last word of every two sentences rhyme. Hehe it was so fun! This is actually based on a typical schedule which I normally do in real life on a working day too. When I get stuck trying to think of what other words rhyme with a particular word, I would start to hear voices giving me ideas. For example, in my mind I asked, “What rhymes with ‘coma’?” Awhile later, a voice said “Drama.” Then, I would think for awhile to see if I could use this word to relate to my real life with Taenggu or not. I knew Taenggu has been watching some dramas so I guess it could be possible that she might ask me to watch them with her sometimes too. It’s quite fun to be able to interact with the voices in my inner consciousness once in a while like this to make a poem together.

Hope Taenggu likes it and is able to relate to the things mentioned in the poem in her daily life with me too! <3

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