Fan Art: Feel Me Like A Banana Peel

“I look at you and wham, I’m head over heels. I guess that love is like a banana peel.”
Elvis Presley


Yesterday (170314), I made this drawing at home while I was on the second day of medical leave from work.

The idea probably came from a few months ago when I began calling Taenggu “Ppeel Ppeel”. It’s like the Korean way of pronouncing the words “feel feel”. I say “Ppeel ppeel” to her because I want her to feel me inside. When I say “Ppeel ppeel, ppeel ppeel” many times, I begin to make phrases like “Ppeel ppeel like a banana peel” which rhyme and make sense at the same time. It’s like peeling off the banana skin on the outside to feel me inside. Haha so I thought making a drawing out of this would be fun as well.

To do this drawing, I went online to search “taeyeon duck” to find a picture of her on a tv show like this one below. I watched this show many years ago and it left a deep impression in me. In my memory, she looked so silly and yellow like a banana. Hahaha.

Taeyeon walking like a duck on a TV show

But the search also came up many other pictures of Taenggu with duck lips, which I thought would be perfect for my drawing too. So I eventually chose this picture of her below.

Taeyeon with duck lips. Was she singing “Gee” at the time of this photo? Hahaha

I took about an hour to draw and colour this drawing. It was really fun! I had a good laugh at it too. Duck-lips Banana Taeng is so silly ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

After the drawing was done, for a few seconds, I thought I could smell some bananas in the house. I looked around but there wasn’t any. Awhile later, my mum came back home from work and said she just bought some bananas from the supermarket. Haha what a coincidence!

And so I ate a banana while admiring my new artwork of Banana Taeng ᄏᄏ

I ate a banana which my mum bought home yesterday after I finished my drawing

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